Spending Money for the Golden Fleece Cruise

19 Jan 2008 SarahC said

I thought I had decided on my tour but some things in that brochure just look too good! I've been thinking about some other options... and I'm just trying to price everything out. I know there are a million spending money threads but I'm looking for something specific.<BR><BR>I'm thinking about doing the Golden Fleece Cruise in combination with another tour (either superior or budget), but I have no idea how much extra should be budgeted for the cruise. Pretty much all the meals are included and there's a gratuities fee. I realize that not ALL the additional cash is for food while on tour, but I'd imagine that a bulk of it is. Especially on that tour where I'd be there more for the experience and scenery than the shopping (like in Italy or France). And I was also thinking that there would be a lot less partying/drinking.<BR><BR>Any thoughts? Or firsthand experience?<BR><BR>Thanks!



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