white water rafting

9 Jun 2007 Sarah Plummer said

just wondering if there is anyway of getting photo's while on the rafting optional extra? do you think it is worth buying a disposable water proof camera to take along? obviously it would have to be tied onto the life jacket or somewhere. <BR>or does the tour leader take photo's that can be purchased at the end of the expedition?<BR>it just sounds like an unreal scenic experience that really needs to be captured.<BR>sarah
  • 9 Jun 2007 Dancin' OCTD said


    I am bringing an underwater disposable… but I would love if we had the option to purchase more “professional” shots!

  • 9 Jun 2007 Kristi said


    When I went white water rafting in Interlaken they actually had professional photographers taking pics that were included in the price of the trip. The person took pictures of us from land w/ a zoom camera so the pics turned out really well. I hope they have something like that (even if you have to pay for them) b/c the pics turned out great!!

  • 10 Jun 2007 annie j. said


    for the rafting there are pics that you can buy at the end of ur little adventure i think they were about 8 euros maybe and they were of the people on ur raft…not great quality but a picture to remember it..also there were people that didnt go rafting so they took pics with peoples cameras from a bridge as people went by so thats always another option
    have fun

  • 10 Jun 2007 Sarah Plummer said


    thanks guys, thats great.
    SOOO excited.



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