Sleeping Bags - how to take them?

25 Mar 2007 *nikki_adelaide* asked

hey guys.<BR>im doing a concept tour and need to take a sleeping bag. my sleeping bag is fairly small, ive tried it in my suitcase rolled up and ive also tried folding it down and putting it at the bottome of my suitcase.<BR><BR>it seems such a drama, how have other people taken their sleeping bags on the plane?<BR>its easy enough on the tour because the sleeping bag can be seperate from your suitcase, as i understand...but how have people taken their sleeping bags on the plane?
  • 25 Mar 2007 space_monkey said


    im thinking about taking my sleeping bag as carry on. thats if its allowed.

  • 25 Mar 2007 r4v3r said


    We’re also on a concept, but we’re backpacking it (as we are heading to spain after our trip) and our backpacks have a compartment on the bottom which is for the sleeping bag.

    Otherwise you can do what space _monkey is doing – take on the plane. You can use it as a blanket or pillow.

  • 25 Mar 2007 megsalex112 said


    My theory about the sleeping bag is I am going to pack my suitcase with it inside for the flight to London. Knowing the space a sleeping bag takes up, I figure I will pack with the mindset that when I buy stuff along the way it will fit in my suitcase no problem. Additionally, I am bringing a duffle bag so I can check 2 pieces of luggage for the trip home.

  • 25 Mar 2007 karley85 said


    Hi everyone

    i was also stressing about taking sleeping bags and they amount of space they take up. If you go to any good camping shop or army surplus store you can now buy the smallest sleeping bags
    ever so you dont need to worry about it taking up space. I brought one this week it only cost me $44.95 Aus dollars wich is hardly anything.

    happy searching

  • 25 Mar 2007 ~*Alex*~ said


    Hey Karly, where did you get your sleeping bag from? Was it froma chain store, or just a disposal?

    Might have to check it out.


  • 25 Mar 2007 Rache! said


    Hi there,

    My friend and I are just planning on buying a cheap sleeping bag over there, using it for contiki then leaving it behind afterwards thus eliminating packing dilemmas! Our tour is in July which will be hot weather so we shouldn’t need anything too flash………


  • 25 Mar 2007 ~*Alex*~ said


    Good idea Rach…

    Does it get cold at all during the night in Europe? I read somewhere (unless i dreamt it :P) that during the night in Rome it gets really cold…

  • 25 Mar 2007 junior37991 said


    I got this really small compact sleeping bag which takes very little room up in my bag so maybe look for a smaller one to purchase. You don’t want to lug too much around.

  • 26 Mar 2007 junior37991 said


    Thats the one I got!!! It is so small and easy to carry. It is one of the palm ones if your looking. Also they are pretty warm but probably no good in winter. They are only rated to 10 degrees celcius.

  • 26 Mar 2007 Chris_V said


    Hey Linda28 I do not know what you are talking about ? I live live in Australia and I do not understand you ?

  • 26 Mar 2007 junior37991 said

    Originally posted by kittykat:
    hey matty, i’m not sure cos i don’t have one and you do.. but in this add it says that there are 5 different types for different degrees celcius..
    from -5 to +10..
    anyway the people can check out the site…..
    what is the quality of your bag like?
    how did you get it? mail order?

    I got it from Rebel Sport. Probably the same one as Linda is talking about. Good quality, Very warm still but thin. Plus you get this cool hand warmer thing with it.

  • 26 Mar 2007 junior37991 said

    Originally posted by Chris_V:
    Hey Linda28 I do not know what you are talking about ? I live live in Australia and I do not understand you ?


  • 26 Mar 2007 laur-ah said


    I have a Roman palm sleeping bag too. Apparently, mine goes down to about 5 degrees, and only weighs 0.85kg.

  • 26 Mar 2007 ~*Alex*~ said


    Think i’ll head over to Rebel Sport and check em out.

    Hey Junior, how much did you pay for your’s?

    If you buy a sleeping bag that goes to –5, does that mean you’ll be really hot if you use it in summer? There is NOTHING worse than being all hot and sweaty in a sleeping bag!!!

    Thanks Smiler<!-graemlin::)—>

  • 26 Mar 2007 princess19 said


    ok so i was planning on bringing my $7 walmart special as a piece of carryon luggage and to save even more space i was gonna put my towel inside so it wouldnt have to go in my luggage… does it get that cold in europe over there summer where im actually gonna get cold? ( i am goin to scandanvia and russia…)

  • 27 Mar 2007 junior37991 said


    I got mine for about 50 bucks. I got the 10 deg c one because I was told that there is no air con in the rooms, and that their nights are generally fairly warm so I thought that would suffice. If you get one this is graded to a very low temp it will keep you very warm.

    Look on their website to see if it will tell you if they distribute there. If it doesn’t email them for your nearest distributer.

    Anyone who wants to know what the temp is likely to be like check out

    It gives you average temps through out europe.

  • 27 Mar 2007 Sarah4185 said


    I’m confused. I don’t know if this unique to me but in my travel documents with my book of vouchers – i have a voucher to hand in at the Royal National Hotel in London in exchange for a sleeping bag. So I was under the impression that a sleeping bag is included in the trip price and given to you once you arrive. I’m going on the European Contrasts tour, maybe it’s only specific to that?

  • 27 Mar 2007 ashleightara said


    From what I understand (reading through the forums etc.) you do have a sleeping bag included in your tour, and a nights stay in London before your tour. This applies to Americans. The Aussies (and Kiwis) have to fend for themselves on both accounts…

  • 29 Mar 2007 *nikki_adelaide* said


    right so…are you allowed to take 2 peices of carry on on to the plane? im flying qantas and british airways.

    i was also thinking maybe my best option is to take my sleeping bag out of its case folded down at the bottom of my case…for my time before the tour, then once my tour starts have a separate bag that i cant just put it into to throw under the bus each time instead of having to spend 10 minutes rolling it up and putting it in its bag?

    what do you guys think?? how cold do the cabins get? i originally wanted to just take a sleeping sheet but was told i’d get too cold.

  • 29 Mar 2007 Zara84 said


    hey, i found this site for the Roman Palm Sleeping bags (this is the cheapest that i could find) and i was wondering whether i should just get the one for “mild conditions” or “2-3 seasons”. Any thoughts? The site is

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