'European Horizon' trip

19 May 2008 Explorer1100433 said

Hello,<BR><BR>My boyfriend and I are looking into doing the "European Horizon" package in July, and were hoping for some useful information. This would be our first time ever visiting Europe... so obviously we have no idea what to expect. To anyone who has already been... or gone on this trip, could we please have your advice??<BR><BR>- Exactly how light do you have to pack? Are we able to bring dress clothes, along with track pants, etc?<BR>- Do we carry our luggage with us everywhere... or does it stay at the hostel/hotel?<BR>- What's the scoop with hairblowers, hair straighteners?<BR>- The trip starts in London... I would assume we have to buy our place tickets separately?<BR>- Is it very expensive if so??<BR>- How long does it take to fly there from Toronto, Canada??<BR>- Does it rain much?<BR><BR>Any vital information would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly!!!!

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