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13 Mar 2009 Aaron said

Hey i think i'm going to go on an asian vietnam trip in the next month or 2.. i'm thinking a 2 week tour..<BR><BR>I was hoping someone who has been on one of these before can give some<BR><BR>How are the hotels in they have pools..are they on the beach..ect??<BR>If i have a single do i have my own bathroom in each hotel?<BR>Do you stay in decent hotels every night or is there outdoor camping and cabins and tents ect..??<BR>How do you travel around vietnam..buses..trains..planes??<BR>If i want to sleep in one day and not do the activity can everything preety flexible..can i meet the group at a different location if i don't want to do an activity that day?<BR><BR>How many people were on your trip?what was the night life like?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Aaron
  • 13 Mar 2009 Chris H said

    Chris H

    The first Vietnam tour ever doesn’t kick off until the 16th of March so unfortunately you won’t get any replies from people that have done one of the tours for a while.

    In regards to the accomodation, you stay in hotels nearly every night and here is a description of some of the places that you stay in:…-where-you-stay-asia

    The travel is done with a boat, trains, planes and coaches. If you check the itinerary of each of the tours it’ll tell you what the mix is.

    They’re pretty flexible on what you do each day so if you want to sleep in any day you can.

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