Europe 2014

23 Sep 2013 Laura Cowen asked

Laura Cowen

Anyone travelling to Europe next year around Aug/Sept? I'm doing the Panorama Tour solo! If anyone has been on this tour, or has been to Europe alone before, advice would be greatly appreciated. Or just any tips you'll think will come in handy! Thanks :)


  • 6 Dec 2013 Sarah said


    Hey Laura,
    I am doing the Greek Island Hopping tour in August next year and the Topdeck essential europe tour on my own as well while I am over there. This is my first tour and trip to Europe so I can’t really offer any advice but if you are over there at the same time as me I would be happy to meet up :)

  • 9 Dec 2013 applecheeksv said


    I’ll be doing Europe solo in July/August. Doing the Contiki Spanish Spree in August and Topdeck Greek Island Hopper in July. In the same boat as you guys as this is my first time travelling alone and in Europe! I hear 90% on people on tour are also solo travellers!

  • 15 Dec 2013 chrismata said


    I’m heading over solo for the first time as well in July/August, haven’t decided exactly which tour i will be doing yet but have been looking at the European Whirl, Escapade and Experience tours so far, the next 6 months is going to be the longest wait!

  • 4 Jan 2014 Laura Cowen said

    Laura Cowen

    Hey macalistergirl that would be awesome to meet up! Hopefully we will be over there at the same time :) And chrismata I know what you mean, I hope the time flies, I can’t wait! Yeah applecheeksv i’ve heard that too, so pumped! Let me know how you all go with packing and flights etc. xx

  • 4 Jan 2014 applecheeksv said


    Hey Laura I’ve booked my flights already through Emirates for 2 July – 27 Aug for about 2k . Flying out from MELB to Heathrow. Have you got yours all sorted out yet? I’m still undecided if I should get a backpack or drag my luggage around! Are you doing any traveling outside the tour? We should definitely meet up if we can! So excited its already 2014!! :D

  • 6 Jan 2014 Jeffrey Valle said

    Jeffrey Valle

    Im on the Ultimate European + Greek Islands – July 20th, first time to Europe and doin it solo. We’ll all be there around the same time :)

  • 6 Jan 2014 Sophie said


    I’m doing the European Vista in August. Haven’t booked flights yet! Who is everyone flying with?
    First time to Europe.. Can’t come fast enough!!

  • 18 Jan 2014 GwenT said


    Anyone else doing European Magic this summer?

  • 20 Jan 2014 Jacqueline Floyd said

    Jacqueline Floyd

    Anyone doing European Adventure this summer in May through june??

  • 21 Jan 2014 Joe G said

    Joe G

    I don’t know what your dates are, but I am going on the European Experience leaving on 24 August, and there is a group of us meeting in London starting on 21 August for drinks/sightseeing. We are all on different tours, so it should be crazy. There’s a facebook page where we all got in contact with each other;

  • 22 Jan 2014 Natalie said


    I’m heading over at the end of July to do European Experience, Great Britain & Ireland and Eastern Road. Should be around until mid-October.

  • 22 Jan 2014 Sarah said


    Hey Laura, I’ve booked my flights with Emirates and I will be in Paris on the 7th of August and then go to London on the 11 August to meet up with my topdeck group for the Essentials Europe tour on the 12 August and finish back in London on the 23 August. After that I am going to Athens to do the Contiki Greek Island Hopping tour on the 26 August. If anyone is around the same place at the same time let me know. First time heading to Europe and doing it solo, only 194 days to go! Haha

  • 29 Apr 2014 meldavy said


    I will be in London arriving 25th August before my tour European contrasts departs on August 30th and im a solo travller. If anyone is around that time?

  • 21 May 2014 MICAE said


    anybody going to european inspiration aug/sept 2014?

  • 22 May 2014 Lulu said


    I’m doing the Western Rocker from 3rd August. So excited !!! Going solo and my first time overseas (I’m from South Africa)

  • 22 May 2014 Rosez & Chad said

    Rosez & Chad

    Hey all, is anyone going on the European Horizon tour on the 19th August?

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