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weather in July

21 Jun 2006 MattyBoll said

I'll be going from Cairns to Sydney for 2 weeks in July on the B&R  and am wondering what the weather will be like.  Basically wondering what to pack.  I want to pack very light.  I'm thinking a couple pairs of convertible pants/shorts, some tshirts, a couple long sleeve tshirts, swimsuit, pair of jeans.  would that be fine?
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  • 4 Jul 2005 Cat1984 said


    G’day from OZ!!!

    The one thing to remember about our weather is that it can change literally in an hour. we have had it go from 30 degrees (cel not faren) to like 14 degrees faster than you can say bloody oath!!

    Australia can be as hot as hell one day and as cold as hell the next. It can be raining and 30 degrees, it can be high humidity, it can be freezing and nearly snowing in the morning and hot in the afternoon. It rains in summer and we have heat waves in winter. It can pour rain one year and have a drought for the next five.

    All i can say is LAYERS!!! pack layers. Tshirts with long sleeve tops under them for night, muscle tops for days. Oh and we live in Jeans!! i have no less than 24 pairs!! we go out to night-clubs in jeans (although some up-market places have a no-denim policy), we go shopping in jeans, we go everywhere in them!

    Don’t forget to head to the pub for tight-arse tuesday (ie a parma and pot for like $10).

    Just don’t forget to pack your sunnies and bathers you will definately need those for our awesome beaches!! and if you want to be a real bogan bring a pair of footy shorts, a singlet and an esky and host your own barbie at a random park!!

    You will have heaps of fun and want to live here for the rest of your life. Although i want to travel i will still call australia home. Send me a msg if you wanna know any specifics about Australian culture.


    PS. must watch AFL go the Maggies (aka Collingwood or Pies). Best game in the world!! We take our sport very seriously.

  • 23 Aug 2006 Aussie Sunshine said


    with what u mentioned planing on packing you should be right, just throw in a jumper, not one of those pathetic littel cotteny ones, i mean a real jumper (or sweater if ur so-way inclined) cairns’ weather should be beautiful, but sydney in july could get a littel chill (it is inthe middle of our winter u know) pack some socks too and maybe runners of something like that.

    Yes out weather here in australia can be unpredictable, but i think its a littel more stable in the more northern reaches (ie NOT victoria) What Cat describes can happen, but its definatly not the everyday norm, and in sydney you definaly will NOT get 30degree weather – remember its the aussie winter

  • 24 Oct 2006 Anna-matronic said


    As with any holiday, you have to be prepared for any weather conditions!

    Sydney really isn’t that cold during July. In general it is sunny and probably ranges from 10 – 18degrees, although it is subject to drastic unpredictable change!

    Bring a jacket for going out at night time, maybe something a bit nicer than a hoodie so you can get in everywhere. It’s always hot inside the pubs/clubs anyway!

    ps: This is advice for next July!

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