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can u take sleeping bags on the plane?

14 Jul 2009 Emilybarlow asked

hi, i've never been on a plane before and just wondering can u take your sleeping bag on the plane with ur carry on luggage or does it need to be inside ur suitcase? And is it better to take a handbag or back pack or money belt 4 during the day on tour or all 3? any tips would be great! thnx!
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  • 15 Jul 2009 Annemaryme said


    Ehm about the sleeping bag part, it depends on the airline you fly with. As far as I know most major airlines allow 1 or 2 pieces of handluggage, 1 handbag or backpack and a laptopbag or trolley. I’d say it wouldn’t be a big problem to cary a sleepingbag and a handbag/backpack. But if you want to be sure I’d say call the airline you’re flying with. They will be able to tell you what is allowed and what isn’t.
    And for money belt if you feel better by having your money in that belt take it. I guess it is kinda safer to put yer money there then in a backpack. And I’d go for backpack over handbag. (but that depends on what you count as handbag ofcourse).
    Hope this helps a bit Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->.

    Hugs Am

  • 15 Jul 2009 said


    You can take them on the Airplane, just connect them to your backpack by straps and you should be fine. Perfect type of pack for doing this is any Winter Snowboarding backpack that has Straps in place to carry the snowboard. Simple click it in place and off you go. You could also check it if you have room and don’t want to deal with it as most Airlines do allow 2 checked bags with there tickets as long as the combined weight of both of them fall under a certain amount of weight(around 40-50Lb)

    After my last trip using a backpack as my daybag I wasn’t vert interested in doing it again and will be using a Messenger bag for my next trip. Personally I think it will be safer/better because its across the body and I can discreetly pull the bag in front of me in the Metro and so forth so people cant get theirs in.

    If you get a handbang, make sure it has a cross body strap, and something that keeps it shut, zippers/snaps/straps.

    In my mind a Money Belt isn’t needed for the type of places you go on these tours, but hey overkill is never a bad thing. If you think it will help you, then get one. The better ones in my mind are the ones that fit around your thigh, and make sure you get a “Natural” or skin tone colour, the coloured ones are very easy to spot.

  • 16 Jul 2009 Twisty said


    Yeah sleeping bags are fine. I took mine on the plane with me from Australia to England and back. I had a small backpack with me too. So well within the acceptable limits of carry on luggage.

    Money belts can be a good idea. I will definately be getting one before my next trip overseas. The main advantage being your valuables are secured. The paranoia of pickpockets will make you walk around with your hands in your pockets, and constantly checking everything is still there after you need your hands to do something.

    Thats from a guys perspective though. I cant speak for the advantages of a handbag over a money belt

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