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Roughly how many people are on each contiki trip?

9 Oct 2013 Sarah asked


I'm curious as to how many people roughly are on each contiki trip?
I am looking at the 1 month long trips so between 20 to 30 days

With things like the language and currency, will we get help from our tour guide throughout the trip with this?

This may sound silly but will there be normal power points for us to plug in our phones cameras hair dryers etc in the hotels or do we need special plugs?

Obviously I am new to this whole contiki tour stuff so a million questions are going through my mind!
Any advise would be great, thankyou :)

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  • 16 Oct 2013 Meghan said


    I did the 32 day European tour just after summer and all the buses we met up with along the way had around about the same number of people on them as ours- 25-35 on average. Some tours will only have 15-20 but these are the more expensive or less exciting tours and most commonly numbers will be 25 plus. So be ready to share a bus seat with someone else every second day instead of getting the two seats to yourself to sleep ;)
    You get a culture and language lesson as you drive into each place and you are able to ask the tour guide ANYTHIGN and trust me, they know it all! So you will feel super prepared going off on your own at any point after asking them for some details first :)

    The power points in the hotels and on the bus will be specific to the country so you will need a converter. I.e I am from New Zealand and went to Europe so I needed a plug that converted NZ to Europe :) Any multi/two way plugs are super handy too as everyone wants to use the plugs at the same time so if you have multi boxes no one has to wait.

    Hope some of this info helps a bit. I remember how lost and overwhelmed I felt preparing for my first contiki too!

  • 17 Oct 2013 Sarah said


    hey Meghan thanks for replying :)
    okay that’s not too bad, some friends of mine have said there were like 50 people on there tour
    I will be travelling through Europe with my boyfriend and we are deciding whether to do it ourselves or do a contiki which seems so organised already that’s why it sounds good
    but either way well still have to prepare a lot
    it is quite overwhelming but so exciting as well

    and yes thankyou this information has helped a lot :)
    we aren’t planning to go for like another year but its so good to hear from people who have done it and get tips early, thankyou!

  • 17 Oct 2013 Meghan said


    We had 4 couples on our trip and they loved it! It’s a good idea to do a contiki the leave yourself a few weeks afterwards to be able to go off on your own with your boyfriend and go back to any places you loved and explore them more and also to see places contiki didn’t take you to. Contiki is very go go go so its good to have some chilled exploring together too :) I highly recommend doing it that way if you can afford to! It’s definitely better to make sure the time travelling just the two of you is after the contiki and not before. This is because the insiders info you hear/learn about on contiki makes travelling on your own afterwards sooooo easy and so much cheaper and way cooler and way more efficient. Wee tip there :)

    Also I have heard of some trips that have had 50 people but if you go to your local STA Travel/Contiki office when you have a few trips your choosing from they can tell you past numbers on them and also how many people are looking at/booking that exact trip too :)

  • 20 Oct 2013 tandondiva said


    Any idea how many people usually go on the NZ trips? Big tiki ones?

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