Grand adventurer jan 18th - Auckland to Christchurch

23 Nov 2006 Burgo17 said

Hey all!

I'm going on the grand adventurer from the 18th ot 30th of Jan 2007. Is anybody else on this tour.

Just wanted to ask what the atmosphere is like. I'm not a huge partier or drinker but do like to have a good time. Are there people who just go out to clubs and that some nights and maybe do other things on other nights. I would like to go out some nights and have some drinks and maybe chill out on some others. Is it like everyobdy has a hangover the next day? Anyway, I definitely want to go out and have fun, just wanted to see if there are a good mix of people to blend in with.

Hope to see some of you in NZ. Can't wait.

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