Sneakers V Rabens

22 Jun 2010 Lana:) said

Hi Everyone, <BR><BR>i was just wondering if any of you have any advice / preferance when it comes to shoes, i was thinking about taking Rabens to wear around on day trips etc, but would they be accepted into clubs/pubs etc on a night out if worn with like jeans and a nice top or something if i didnt want to dress right up?<BR><BR>or would you just recommend sneakers for daily trips and then nicer going out shoes? <BR><BR>i just think rabens would look a little nicer in the million photos i'll be taking while in europe
  • 24 Jun 2010 torz said


    im not sure about rabens when it comes to going out.. possibly? but i can say none of the girls on my tour wore rabens when going out at night. Most wore boots or ballet flats (i did a winter tour though)

  • 27 Jun 2010 Lana:) said


    Hey thanks heaps for your reply, i’ll definately take some nice boots or flats or something to wear out. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 27 Jun 2010 MagpiePants said


    Excuse my ignorance … what’s a raben ?

  • 12 Jul 2010 Lana:) said


    rabens are just like a slip on type shoe, they come in all colours and they have like a rubber sole with a sort of canvas type covering…hard to explain.



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