bringing a pillow?

10 Jun 2010 Yvonnechick asked

should I bring a pillow? in the hostels, hotels will they pillows, I know we have to bring or get a sleeping bag. London to Rome tour
  • 13 Jun 2010 Niksta said


    hey yvonne
    no need.
    i did this tour last year and they do provide pillows in all accommodation places. its just the sleeping bag and towel you will need.

    i did take a u-shaped travel pillow and it was awesome for the bus though.

    have a great trip

  • 14 Jun 2010 AspiringAshley said


    I like this question. Anyone know about for the European Horizons tour? I leave in two days and can’t decide if I should bring a pillow or just deal with my neck pillow?

  • 15 Jun 2010 Explorer1189673 said


    can we leave the U-shaped pillows on the bus for the entire trip? I am taking the european inspiration



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