BOOKED at Euro Expo - HUGE discount!! Anyone else

27 Oct 2007 Crispy said

Hi everyone, <BR><BR>Have booked and 'm off on 14 April. Booked at the expo that Flight Centre put on, with wicked deals and discounts on Flights, Tours, Insurance etc.. Any one else gng on that date or went to the expo?
  • 28 Oct 2007 cat16 said


    Im planning the Panorama in June and i am booking at teh Melbourne expo in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering what kind of discounts they were offering, for flights as well….

  • 30 Oct 2007 Crispy said


    Hey cat16, I got just under $800 off the Tour so was really pleased. My flights are from NZ but I got Return to London on Singapore airlines and they give you two nights free accom for $2206.

  • 10 Nov 2007 Crispy said


    Hi lja, No just a deposit to ensure that everything is reserved for you, they did say I could make changes as well, cause they are really busy on the day so they take all the details and then book/confirm everything with the tour operators the next day. Flights were reserved on the day but changes could be made and still can at the mo. I think the closer you get they may charge if you change dates. Are you looking at the 14th April 08?? No one else seems to be.. Maybe it will be me, the driver and the guide!!



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