Commuting times

10 Jun 2007 Candice said

Back in '06 I did the Adventurer tour. Recently I have just finished compiling a travel diary. Unfortunately, it remains incomplete because I couldn't remember the commuting times between the various places.
Since '06 the tour format has changed, making it hard to get this info.
I would really appreciate it if anybody who knows one, several, or all the commuting times could post them for me...Contact details of a Contiki driver or tour guide who worked during the '05-'06 season would be even better!
Listed below are the places I need commuting times for.
London to Paris-
Paris to Lyon-
Lyon to Barcelona-
Barcelona to Antibes-
Antibes to Florence-
Florence to Rome-
Rome to Corfu-
Corfu to Athens-
Athens to Mykonos-
Mykonons to Athens-
Athens to Italy-
Venice to Vienna-
Vienna to Munich-
Munich to Hopfgarten-
Hopfgarten to Lauterbrunnen-
Lauterbrunnen to Rhine Valley-
Rhine Valley to Amsterdam-
Amsterdam to London-
Thanks, Candice xo.



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