Who's in London from 6th May till the 13th May 14?

15 Oct 2013 BrookemarleySA asked


Hi I will be in London from May 6th till May 13th 2014 and was wondering who else would be there then that might like to catch up? I will be travelling alone so Im keen to meet others who might like to sight see, have a drink or meal etc.
Im planning on staying at the royal national hotel, so im hoping to find some other contiki people there also

  • 22 Oct 2013 Nikita said


    Hey! I will quite possible be there between those dates? I’m travelling solo (so im nervous as hell)and I start my tour on 11 May and was planning on heading over a week or so before the tour leaves so would be keen to meet other fellow contiki travellers haha!

  • 22 Oct 2013 BrookemarleySA said


    Cool. I will be alone also so would live to meet up with other solo travellers :-) even though we will be doing different tours I would be keen to catch up if you like

  • 22 Oct 2013 brit_wil09 said


    yeh ill be there! gonna get so wet! wooooooooo!

  • 24 Oct 2013 BrookemarleySA said


    what kinda party you planing lol

  • 28 Oct 2013 Kiwi_steve said


    Hi there, I will be in London from april 25th – 9th may 2014 before i start on european adventurer on may 9th. I will be staying t the Royal National on the 8th may, and would be keen to catch up if you like.
    Cheers, Steven

  • 30 Oct 2013 BrookemarleySA said


    hey steven sounds great, I will be arriving at the royal national on the 6th

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