To book, or not to book?

19 Jun 2008 Corrinna asked

In alot of these forums people are talking about booking tours now, or pre buying tickets to events. As much as I want to see and do EVERYTHING, I would rather not do it alone and stay with the group, or friends I have made. When people are pre booking, are you pre booking with a group of people? For Example: If I want to see Moulin rouge and I book the seat now, what if no one else in the groups has or wants tickets, or have them for a different time or date. Then I would have to see it alone
  • 19 Jun 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hi Corrina

    Have you met people on your tour via the meeting place? Perhaps you can ask them if they want to book anything – I’m not sure how you’d work out the money side of things though…

  • 19 Jun 2008 Cyphus said


    Yep.. I agree with what Jess-ade said, tryin the meeting place and seeing if you can get in contact with your tourmates! (tell them how awesome the show is!! make them want to come Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    As for paying for the tix, it shouldn’t be a problem- each person would have to go to the (i.e. moulin rouge) site, and prepay for the ticket- make sure you guys choose the same day/showing!. When you get to the cabaret show, tell them to put you guys in seats next to each other. I heard that the staff are accomodating, and wouldn’t mind doing this!!

    Ahh….. I want to see the Moulin Rouge!



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