Turkish Delight Tour

18 Dec 2007 Ashley said

Hi All, My sister and i (girl trip!!!) have booked on this tour for July 08 then following it up with Mykonos and the outer islands. I know that the Turkey tour was released last year so was wondering if anyone had any feedback on it please. I noticed that they only have a few tour dates and none are gaurenteed departures.<BR>Thanks.<BR>Ashley.
  • 25 Dec 2007 rebex said


    Our tour left on time without the guaranteed departure. We had a wonderful time. Just know that the men will hit on you at the markets. The tour guide, Ahmet, was amazing.

  • 7 Feb 2008 Ashley said


    Thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciated.

  • 26 Feb 2008 amer said


    i did the tour when it was first introduced.loved it. The ppl of turkey are amazing, sights and sounds. istanbul is really an interesting place. our guide Sayat was amazing. u’ll enjoy the trip.. i have some pics in my profile from turkey.

  • 26 Feb 2008 summa_luva said


    Hiya I’m also thinking of doing the tour on the 19th. I’ll have too do it by myself, so not too sure bout it yet.

  • 27 Feb 2008 Ashley said


    Hi Summa_luva, you have to go.. It will be an amazing experience, my sister and i can’t wait. We are arriving into Istanbul on the 18th and staying 1 extra night after the tour. Where are you from?

  • 2 Mar 2008 summa_luva said


    cool..yeh its looking like i’ll be coming. I’m from Auckland..what about you?

  • 3 Mar 2008 imacdiva said


    I’ll be arriving on the 17th early a.m. Erika (

  • 4 Mar 2008 Ashley said


    Hi Erika,
    We arrive on the 18th of July and are also having another night in Istanbul at the end of the tour. We are staying at the same hotel that the tour is.

  • 9 Jun 2008 MPH said


    i will be on this tour as well. arriving july 18 and leaving istanbul on the 27th

    i can’t wait!

  • 22 Jun 2008 Lisa said


    Hey anyone doing the July 5th tour?



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