Camping question

4 Feb 2008 trashywilma said

OK, so I found the 16-day camping tour on here, which excites me because it's the only Contiki tour that goes to Belgrade and Sarajevo.<BR><BR>So I look in my brochure camping trips. On the web site: NO information on what kind of camping this is. I mean, is this camping in the woods in tents? Do I need to bring my own tent? Will I be cooking food over an open fire? Will I be foraging for berries in the woods? Will I not shower for 16-days and be stinky?<BR><BR>Anybody?<BR><BR>Sorry. I live in Florida. Due to bugs, snakes, and gators, we don't camp here.<BR><BR>P.S. I just heard gun shots really nearby. Life in the ghetto.
  • 4 Feb 2008 trashywilma said


    sorry MJ, i am far too much into planning to surrender to a travel agent who will want even more of my money. lol.
    but thanks for recommending contikipedia…now i know it is, in fact, tents.

    and melsie…haha! camping in florida is so gross. i went to girl scout camp (during the entire three months i was a girl scout) and i went to shower, only to have a huge tree frog jump on me and get stuck in my hair. i was terrified at the time. now i think it’s hilarious.

  • 4 Feb 2008 trashywilma said


    oh wow….have you done eastern trekker? what are the age groups like? i like the idea of a 20-person bus with a mini bar.



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