Travelex Cards

29 Oct 2008 special_kas said

Hey i was looking in to taking a travelex cash card to america when i go but someone just warned me that the atms in america eat the cards alot and you are left stuck, just wondering if this actually happened to anyone. Thanks
  • 30 Oct 2008 WestOzy said


    I’ve just come back from the USA and used a travelex card everywhere I went. Shops won’t accept them as visas, but getting cash out of ATM’s was easy and I never had a problem. Like Amy said you get a second backup card anyway.

  • 30 Oct 2008 Princessvixen said


    I used travelex cards both times I went to America and never had a problem.As others have said you get a 2nd card so just keep that somewhere seperate to the original one and problem solved!

  • 17 Nov 2008 Kirsty said


    I used a debit card from my bank, the fees where a lot less at they didn’t charge me for loading money onto it. The other advantage was that I was able to use it as both a debit and visa/mastercard.

    I also had a spare



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