Tour help!

3 Sep 2008 Explorer1111719 said

My partner and I are wanting to travel overseas and we cannot decide which tour(s) to go on. We'd like to explore Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Greece. I know there are a few Italy tours, but we'd like to travel to as least a few countries on each tour.

Do we go on the Road to Athens tour, then go on the Spotlight on Greece tour/cruise? I know Road to Athens does not go to Spain and does not do a full "tour" of Italy. But stands out more than other tours.

Other tours we were thinking were - an Italy tour, then Rome to Athens.

We could do the European Explorer tour, however it's a bit steep... we were hoping for something around $4500 altogether. Some tours don't go to Rome or Pisa, France, Switzerland etc.

What do you guys think?

Has anyone been on the Vienna to Budapest tour? Anyone recommend this tour?



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