Tour help!

3 Sep 2008 Explorer1111719 said

My partner and I are wanting to travel overseas and we cannot decide which tour(s) to go on. We'd like to explore Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Greece. I know there are a few Italy tours, but we'd like to travel to as least a few countries on each tour.<BR><BR>Do we go on the Road to Athens tour, then go on the Spotlight on Greece tour/cruise? I know Road to Athens does not go to Spain and does not do a full "tour" of Italy. But stands out more than other tours.<BR><BR>Other tours we were thinking were - an Italy tour, then Rome to Athens. <BR><BR>We could do the European Explorer tour, however it's a bit steep... we were hoping for something around $4500 altogether. Some tours don't go to Rome or Pisa, France, Switzerland etc.<BR><BR>What do you guys think?<BR><BR>Has anyone been on the Vienna to Budapest tour? Anyone recommend this tour?



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