Euro Horizon (10 Day Tour)

22 Apr 2008 SonyBoy said

Hi,<BR><BR>need experienced travellers advise on:<BR><BR>1. What is the shower/toilet facility set up at the Youth Hotel, Contiki Special Stopovers, Contiki Villages? Army Style or more private?<BR><BR>2. The 'Optiuonal Extras'<BR>How much is... the Heineken tour in Amsterdam?<BR>..Mountain Bike Tour in Tyrol?<BR>..Moulin Rouge cabaret show?<BR>..Gondola Ride in Venice?<BR>..Lunch at the rest stop?<BR><BR>3. Is it complicated to get to the cities from where one stay? Out I've read is that the accommodation is not based in the cities.<BR><BR>4. Sleeping Bags are required. What about pillows?<BR><BR>5. Royal National Hotel? Is breakfast included when one is booked the night prior tour starts? If not where can one grap a quick snack?<BR><BR>6. How long is the trips with bus between cities?<BR><BR>7. Is it cheaper to do Optional Extras on your own compared to if Tour Manager organise it?



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