Euro Horizon (10 Day Tour)

22 Apr 2008 SonyBoy said


need experienced travellers advise on:

1. What is the shower/toilet facility set up at the Youth Hotel, Contiki Special Stopovers, Contiki Villages? Army Style or more private?

2. The 'Optiuonal Extras'
How much is... the Heineken tour in Amsterdam?
..Mountain Bike Tour in Tyrol?
..Moulin Rouge cabaret show?
..Gondola Ride in Venice?
..Lunch at the rest stop?

3. Is it complicated to get to the cities from where one stay? Out I've read is that the accommodation is not based in the cities.

4. Sleeping Bags are required. What about pillows?

5. Royal National Hotel? Is breakfast included when one is booked the night prior tour starts? If not where can one grap a quick snack?

6. How long is the trips with bus between cities?

7. Is it cheaper to do Optional Extras on your own compared to if Tour Manager organise it?



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