European Encounter, July 4 2014

22 Oct 2013 _a_m_y_ asked


Just wondering how much spending money you guys would recommend for this trip..?
My best friend and I are planning on going and we're just a little bit flustered with all the costs haha!
Also, is there anything in particular we should/should not pack?
Thank you :)

  • 22 Oct 2013 brit_wil09 said


    probs take around 7 g’s. last one i went on me and my bitches got strung for money so we ended up selling our bodies in amsterdam for extra dosh. well worth it :)

  • 22 Oct 2013 Nartman said


    I’m going on the same tour, different date (May 22). I’ve read anywhere from 3000-10000. I guess it depends on how much you drink and buy. I’m planning on bringing 5000 with credit cards for big purchases



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