3 september 2011

13 Oct 2010 Katie said

Is anyone else going on this tour, going to book this tour soon. would love to chat to people who are. cheers
  • 5 Dec 2010 Kayman101 said


    Hi Katie = )

    I’m Chris i’ll be on this trip to just booked it yesterday it seems so far away but im sure the times gunna fly. I had the same idea of trying to meet some people before the trip but it looks like you beat me to it haha. Hope to talk soon : )

  • 25 Jan 2011 Katie said


    Hay Chris just to let you know I’ve canceled that tour, and booked Northern adventure instead, I will be in L.A on 12-16 Sep instead of the 3 sep cheers.

  • 15 May 2011 Explorer1251671 said



    Ive booked onto this tour departing the 3rd dont know anyone else that has as of yet tho

  • 11 Jun 2011 Rose84 said


    Is it the European Panorama tour?

  • 22 Jun 2011 Explorer1251671 said


    No this is the California Highlights tour

  • 8 Jul 2011 Karlos84 said


    I booked to go on this tour with a mate of mine, but it’s since been cancelled. We’re both going on the 6th September departure now. Would like to know if anyone else is going on that?

  • 11 Jul 2011 Explorer1251671 said


    Hey, the same happened to me. I will be on the tour the 6th as well!
    When are you flying there and where from?

  • 12 Jul 2011 Karlos84 said


    Flying into LA from Sydney a week prior, will stay in LA for a few days then either fly or bus it out to vegas the day before the tour starts. How about u?

  • 12 Jul 2011 Explorer1251671 said


    Well my flights were booked and apperently i cant change them. So I am flying from London to Vegas to San Diego on the 3rd, spend 3 days in San Diego and fly back up to Vegas via LA



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