Asian Adventure review - part 1

25 Apr 2010 sunsetfiesta said

to begin with, this tour was amazing. It met my expections in many ways but Asia being the place it is, many things I was not prepared for. A truly great exerience and memories that will last a long time, I'm trying to hold on to them while back home.

Day 1: tour kicks off in bangkok but I arrived a day early and stayed in the same hotel as the tour. A word of warning, upon arriving at BKK, if you catch a taxi make sure they have the meter running. this is important because they will charge you too much. Now the hotel is ot bad, has what you need but is in a crappy street called rambuttri road, next to the famous khoa San road. Had heard many good things about this district but to be honest I hated it. Bad smells and full of weirdos. First night in their was some partying and loud music in street so be prepared, this area is a party zone full of backpackers.

Ok so the tour started at 6pm and a few people met in the foyer, I had already met a couple of people online through facebook so I'd suggest you do the same, it helps. After the initial boring meeting where your tour guide (Bern, who is great but I think has stopped working in asia now) fills you in on what's ahead, it's a free night. I chose to go with a group of about 10 of us and ate a few doors down at a place I forget, food was ok but hey the area is full of places to eat. this was teh group who decided to head out to Patpong. Now patpong is basically one of Bangkok's famous red light districts, arguably a tame one. This is where you go to see ping pong shows. Now upon arriving you are imediatly offered porn dvd's and every strip club bouncer and various strippers call out to get you in their club. Places with names such as 'open pusy" mind you. Our guide said "super pusy" is where past tours have gone and had a good time. Once we found it the girls who weren't dancing or shooting ping pongs and various other objects out of their vagina's swarmed s, or in particular me LOL. the girls esocrted us to seats and basically I had three strippers rub me down, offer drinks aswell as back room service for a quite frankly ridiculously cheap price (which I refused ofcourse!). Now some advice, only buy drinks for yourself otherwise you pay for the girls drinks. I had about 100 bucks pulled out of my wallet by teh stripper when I refused to pay for drinks I didn't get. But hey it's an experience.

Day 2: The morning is filled with a visit to the royal palace which is quite amazing but very crowded. lots of gold and nice sculptures/architecture. After this we take a cruise along the canals of bangkok, looking out at the slums and decrepit houses facing the river, contrasted with the ever growing high rise buildings and westernised parts of bangkok.

following the relatively interesting cruise is a trip on the monorail to the MBK shopping centre. WOW, what a place! so modern and a shoppers paradise. However, there's no cheapies here, expect to pay full price. However, there's an aquarium and various car dealers like mazarati. Was a good afternoon and a stunning contrast to Khoa San road.

Now for the fun part: the overnight train to Chang Mai. I didn't enjoy it because I found sleep difficult but there were some good points. the first half hour as you pass through bangkok you see some amazing sights, the slums that face the train line. These people have their front doors facing the line and it's just sad how these people live, a big eye opener seeing it with your own eyes. the night ensued with some people getting drunk namely mexicans who supplied the tequila!

Day 3:The scenery you awake to in the morning is breathtaking, steep hills, rainforest and rural thai life all encased a misty fog and the beautiful rising sun.

Chang Mai is a relief coming from the craziness that is bangkok, much cleaner and relaxed but still a city. After settling into a pretty good hotel with a decent view of the city, you head up to Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, the most important temple in Chang Mai. A very nice temple but the sight of temples was beginning to lose its charm, with plenty more ahead thast for sure!

the lunch I had was great, Jeph, our local guide in northern thailand recomended the black bean coffee shop, which he joined a few of us. I had the best ever pad thai at this place, not to mention their iced coffee... simply amazing.

The night ahead was one of the best I had, a group of us headed to the riverside bar, effin great time. The alcohol was flowing and people were having fun. some advice, do attend these nights out even if your not a real partyer or drinker, its where the most bonding happens.

Part 2 will follow soon...
  • 27 Apr 2010 Happydays said


    ur review so far is brillant. I am doing this tour in July and really looking forward to it. Just a question do I need to bring a sleeping bag for the overnight train and is there anything you recommend I bring or see

  • 28 Apr 2010 Nelle_1234 said


    I’m doing this tour in June! I am looking forward to the rest of your report.

    Could you comment on the optionals, currency and what type of clothes you thought were appropriate?

    Thanks again!!

  • 8 May 2010 sunsetfiesta said


    To reply to happydays, no a sleeping bag is not needed as the train supplies a pillow and a blanket. If you are going in july you should bring rain jackets and closed shoes for when you get caught in the downpours.

    Same with Nelle, you are going in the wet season so be prepared for alot of wet times!

    Now as for the optionals, do them all but I found the hilltribes rather boring Once you’ve seen one tribe they are all the same really. When in vang vieng, resist the urge to party hard the first night because you will regret it when you get yge option of many different activities like kayaking, caving, rock climbing or a combination. Seriosuly, wait til you go tubing that day to get drunk because tubing is a phenomonal experience.

    The currency, In thailand you will need to use only bahts but there are plenty of ATM’s and when you cross the border to Laos, you can exchange any left over money for Kips. You will feel like a millionaire in Laos because you have the option of withdrawing 1 million kip at a time! In cambodia however they mainly use US dollars so be prepared for things not being so cheap as you are used to in laos. Still cheap though but you get change in the local money.

  • 8 May 2010 Happydays said


    Thanks for the advice. Just one other question I am considering bringing a suitcase for this tour. Would u think this will be fine.

    Is tubing really out of this world???

  • 8 May 2010 sunsetfiesta said

    Originally posted by Happydays:
    Thanks for the advice. Just one other question I am considering bringing a suitcase for this tour. Would u think this will be fine.

    Is tubing really out of this world???

    yeah the case is fine most people brought them. get bigger than you need because you may buy too much lol. Also I forgot to mention about the currency in Laos, the 5000 kip note looks alot like the 50,000 kip note so be carefull when paying for things, the locals are poor so will not let a stupid foreigner know they are giving too much!

    tubing is out of this workd if you like to party. if not you will enjoy the ambience of it. if you like to party, there is a strip along the river full of bars where you can get drunk or swing from ropes etc. check out the link:

  • 20 Jun 2010 Smitts_09 said


    Tubing was the best. Most of our tour went to this (except for maybe 2 people). We all stayed together and it was an awesome day to float down the river in the sunshine with some buckets of alcohol.

  • 19 Nov 2010 sunsetfiesta said

    Originally posted by Smitts_09:
    Tubing was the best. Most of our tour went to this (except for maybe 2 people). We all stayed together and it was an awesome day to float down the river in the sunshine with some buckets of alcohol.

    man tubing is one of my greatest memories of the tour, so much recklessness its great!

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