Accommodation on Contrasts - how many are more than twin?

18 Jul 2009 Melissa.T asked

Can someone let me know how many nights on the Contrasts tour are in triple or quad-share rooms? <BR><BR>If it's less than half I could probably cope but if it's a pretty regular thing I might have to go for a different tour - frustrating when none of the Superior/Timeout tours go the same route!
  • 2 Aug 2009 Mel said


    i didnt go on the contrasts tour but i went on the escapade and we stayed at all the same campsites as contrasts except for when they went to greece and prague (we didnt go there) and every place i stayed at was quad share except for the french riveria. occasionally there were places where a few people could grab a twin share room but you have to be lucky enough to get the rooming list first before everyone puts their name down.



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