London to Athens 2011

21 Jul 2010 Renee said

Hey guys Im going on the tour London to Athens in the summer of 2011. Its not too far away, but has anyone thought of this time or decided on it yet? I am traveling solo, so it would be great to meet people before hand!!!
  • 20 Sep 2010 Explorer1209589 said


    Hi there! my two friends and I have decided to do this tour. We have booked ourselves in for June 5th plus Greek Island Hopping. Cant wait!! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 7 Oct 2010 Rhiannon said


    Hi Lese,
    I am doing the same tour as you, I’m also travelling by myself Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    I am counting down the days already!

  • 11 Oct 2010 James said


    Hi guys, I’m doing London to Athens + Greek Island Hopping on the 23rd of June. Should be a blast. So excited!!!

  • 20 Oct 2010 Ashlee said


    HI Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> im doing the london to athens + greek island hopping (32 days) leaving on the 19th may… anyone else going this?… i can’t wait and im travelling solo. would be great to meet some people before hand. sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 21 Oct 2010 Shan_1287 said


    Hi everyone, I’m going on the 33 day london to athens plus greek island hopping in august 2011 can’t wait! I’m flying solo… is anyone else on this one yet????

  • 27 Oct 2010 Jabean said


    Wow lots of people are going solo but at a different time to me!

    Im leaving on May 6th 2011(Friday). Is anyone else going then?

  • 28 Oct 2010 Explorer1214699 said


    Hi all! I’m going on the 35 day London to Athens + Greek Island Hopping leaving on May 25 2011… Was wondering if anyone else was doing that one? Can’t wait!

  • 29 Oct 2010 Shanny said


    Hey guys! I’m going on the London to Athens 17 day trip leaving on 14th June. I’ll be traveling solo as well. Should be a blast!

  • 30 Oct 2010 Rhiannon said


    Hi Lese,
    I booked a few weeks ago. I went through a travel agent to book it, I can’t quite remember how much it ended up costing but I got the 10% discount for early booking.
    I’m from just outside Melbourne. How about yourself? Good to know that some others are travelling by themselves, I was a little nervous going by myself!

  • 2 Nov 2010 James said


    Hi Lese/Rhiannon,
    I booked mine a few weeks ago also, I just did mine through contiki.

  • 5 Nov 2010 Stace said


    Hey! I’m thinking of doing London to Athens + Greek island hopping leaving July, not sure on date yet. I’m traveling alone which is scary but sure will be a blast. I did European escapade just last July and had the best time, thus want to go back!! Booking my tour tomorrow at the expo in Melbourne. Was thinking either July 13 or July 17. Anyone else thinking about those dates?

  • 6 Nov 2010 Stace said


    i decided im going to do the 28th June tour now. anyone else choose this date too?

  • 8 Nov 2010 Explorer1204189 said


    the greek islands sound amazing! depending on what days work out for me i am going around the end of June aswellSmiler<!--graemlin::)--> maybe the 25th june, anyone else for this date?

  • 8 Nov 2010 Explorer1214699 said


    I am doing the London to Athens + Greek Island Hopping (35 days) I leave the US on June 21st so i guess the tour starts like the 23rd or something like that… anyone else going on this tour?

  • 13 Nov 2010 Explorer1217001 said


    Hi! I am also going on the London to Athens tour (but not island hopping) leaving on the 25th. I just booked and am traveling by myself but excited to meet everyone!

  • 17 Nov 2010 pant0022 said


    hey guys i’m traveling solo and was wondering if anyone is doing the London to Athens June 30 2011 tour? I’ve just booked myself into it. Never been outside of Australia before so EXCITED and a tad scared!!!

  • 25 Nov 2010 Rhiannon said


    hi iam going on the 3rd of may 2011 on london to athens plus greek islands

  • 13 Dec 2010 Michellef87 said


    Hey ya’ll!!!
    My name is Michelle and I am from Atlanta, Ga in the US. I am going on the road to Athens leaving out of London on June 19th. Is anyone going on this tour? I am going solo. I have been on one Contiki tour before and loved it!!! This trip is going to be a blast!

  • 6 Jan 2011 Kara said


    hi everyone!

    is anyone leaving london on this tour on May 27th?? its a friday… or will anyone be in london from the 23rd of May?

  • 8 Jan 2011 Ashlee said


    is it true that the london to rome people come with us also?…. i still haven’t found any1 on my tour. but i have for my greek island bit Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

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