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Advice for future NZ travellers!!

23 Nov 2010 sammy29 said

Is there any advice you could give to people travelling to NZ? <BR><BR>What were you glad you did/took?<BR>What do you wish you did?<BR>What would you NOT do again?<BR>Was there anything you would add to your packing list??<BR><BR>(I know there is a general forum asking the same thing, but I was thinking of things that are specifically for NZ)
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  • 25 Nov 2010 chaebee said


    Glad that I took…
    - Herbal Cold and Flu tablets
    - Umbrella
    - Togs/Swimmers (I went in Winter – don’t think that you won’t need them during that time of year! Some optionals you need togs)

    Wish I…
    - Took MORE packets of cold & Flu tablets with me. They were a life-saver, and when I ran out I caught the cough pretty quickly
    - Went skydiving in Queenstown. I just couldn’t fit it in.
    - Took advantage of the free gondala ride in Queenstown… again, ran out of time. I’m so jealous of my tour mate’s pictures from up the top of the mountain.

    Not do…
    - Nothing. I would do everything all over again.
    - Although, in saying that the Quad Bikes were ok… that would probably be the only thing I would skip if I had to choose something.

    Add to packing…
    - In Winter: Thermals for my legs. Stockings under jeans didn’t really cut it

  • 11 Jan 2011 Clare said


    Glad that I …
    - did the Canyon Swing
    - took lots of adaptors for phone/camera etc.
    - took backpack AND small day bag. Having the two was handy!
    - stayed 2 days in Christchurch pre-tour and 1.5 days in Auckland post-tour. It gave me a good chance to see lots of things at my own pace

    Wish I…
    - Was more vigilant with sunscreen and cold & flu tablets. You can get sick easily!
    - could have done skydiving. I didn’t choose it as an optional but as it was, it got cancelled due to bad weather.
    - brought more dressy clothes/accessories. We went out for tea/clubbing a fair bit and although I was comfortable in pretty flats, I felt a bit weird out of heels!!

    I wouldn’t…
    - Do the canyon swing again! It was hell scary!!!

    Add to packing…
    - see above.

  • 22 Jan 2011 zax said


    wah, a wealth of info here! so one can catch a cold or flu easily there…gosh! i think i’d bring those wetsuits for swimming..

  • 22 Jan 2011 sammy29 said


    I have just completed my tour so now I can contribute Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Glad that I:
    – took Cold & Flu tablets
    – did the Canyon Swing twice (loved it)
    – jumped off the boat in Milford Sound, was cold but so worth it!

    Wish I:
    – didn’t forget my memory card and have to buy one in Auckland
    – didn’t bring so many jumper! I only took 1 but I brought 2 over there and never wore them! it was nice and warm

    Not do:
    – nothing! Would do it all again!

    Add to packing:
    – more tops to wear! Felt like after a couple days I had worn everything!

  • 21 Aug 2011 StephJ07 said


    Hey guys!
    im from NZ and just wanted to warn anyone who is reading this for travelling here in the future that NZ weather is extremely unpredictable!! Especially in winter. Sometimes we have four seasons in one day (not joking). The North Island is more wet and windy and the South Island is more dry but generally alot colder and you get more snow.

    You dont need to worry as much about pick pockets or scam artists here as you would in Europe but keeping in mind to use common sence, if someone sees something they like sitting around unattended it will probably be picked up.

    Otherwise if your coming in winter seriously dress warmly, bring LOTS of warm tops, beanies, scarfs, gloves and socks and leggings for under your pants if your in the South! If your coming in summer it is very hot and humid in the North and again quite dry but maybe not as hot in the South but still hot so pack as you would for any summer but can sometimes get cold at night so bring a jumper.
    Also people here are very very friendly and helpfull, if they can’t help you find your way or help in any other they will usually point you in the direction of someone who can.

    Have fun and enjoy NZ! Its a gorgeous country, I love it here and im sure you will too! =D

  • 21 Aug 2011 zax said


    does anyone know if it is snowing now in Christchurch or Queenstown? is it good enough for skiing in Queenstown?

  • 21 Aug 2011 Explorer1084121 said


    I was last in New Zealand at the start of 1999.So buy or borrow a guidebook before you go and do some reading up on the destination.I am actually going back again Next Year but for medical reasons things like Zorbing,JetBoats and the Luge in Rotorua are off limits to me so won’t be able to do those again.I am pleased I took a sense of adventure to meet new people and have a good time with me and I am pleased on my last visit there I did every activity known to man kind there is there in NZ too numerous to list.I wish I had done a Cape Brett Cruise in the Bay of Islands which i PLAN to do on the 2012 visit and got to the clubs a bit more with the group other than that I loved the place.Age Wise it’s my final one tour with Contiki next year and from there on till the age of 39 for Touring in Australia or New Zealand I switch over to Top deck.

  • 21 Aug 2011 StephJ07 said


    Hey Zax, the whether here has been pretty bad the last couple of weeks, had a big snow blast down south and even up north. Trust me when I say there is PLENTY of snow down south especially for skiing in Qtown. Hope this helps =)

  • 21 Aug 2011 Jennieva30 said


    awesome thread!! :) im booked for the Grand Explorer tour depart in Christchurch and ending in Auckland :) i can’t wait!! im from florida but i love cold weather…has anyone traveled in June to NZ before?

  • 22 Aug 2011 StephJ07 said


    June over here is the beginning of our winter, absolutly freezing around the end of June, beginning of July so if your travelling here around that time im sure you’ll love it =)

  • 24 Aug 2011 zax said


    Steph, thanks for the tip! Plenty of snow is good, not plenty of rain! haha…

  • 31 Aug 2011 staceyswan83 said


    To those guys that have done a tour recently, whats the accomodation like? I’m thinking about going on the Grand Explorer over Christmas/New Year, and am a bit worried about the quad share thing, usually means crap hotels/hostels, please reasure me the accom. is decent!! My first Contiki tour was in New Zealand 5 years ago and the hotels were really good, dont want to be disappointed this time.

  • 1 Sep 2011 Explorer1084121 said


    I was last in New Zealand back in 1999 and the hotels we used were really decent for the price paid.I haven’t done the quad share thing in many years but you will be fine Stacey.I am going back next year in July doing a Northern Highlights for what will be my very final Contiki tour ever as I turn 35 next December.We may not get all those luxury branded hotels like the APT,AAT Kings,Kirra or Scenic Tours older people and those with families who have children under the age of 18 passengers on their tours but as long as you don’t go expecting a Hyatt or a Marriott everywhere you go there should be no problems.

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