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I know this has been done ... [re: bedbugs]

17 Sep 2008 Explorer1085990 said

Ok. I've posted about this before and felt reassured by moderators that something would be done about the situation if it were to arise but seriously, i've just read tripadvisor posts on Bedbugs at the Marrakech Hotel: <BR><BR>"Warning..bed bugs are not mosquitoes & bug spray will not help! Someone visited us that had them & it took my husband & I over a year & lots of money to solve problem. Between the $$$ special treatments & wrapping eveything in plastic & living out of plastic bags tied up tight. We also sat in beach chairs in our living room & slept on an air bed as we threw out our couches & bed. You have to go @ least 90 days without a bite to even begin to think you may be rid of them! Even Orkin won't gv gaurantee. The mental anguish of this problem is horrific....don't go!!!!!!" <BR><BR>AND <BR><BR>"As for now do not stay in a hotel which has ever reported bedbugs as they have the characteristic of reappearing now and then. It may so happen that you will end up carrying one in your baggage"<BR><BR>All of the posts are here: <BR><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><BR><BR><BR>Umm...I really don't want to stay here!
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  • 17 Sep 2008 Christie said


    hey,just to let you know, i stayed at the Marrakech from the 26th july – 1 aug and i never had a problem with bed bugs, i had two room changes and never found the place a problem. if your too worried maybe get a motel down the road, i know some other people did before & after the big apple explorer.

  • 17 Sep 2008 PinaI said


    The best thing you can do is THOROUGHLY check the bed and furniture before you get in. If you suspect anything or something looks a bit dodgy then tell your TM straight away and request a new room.

    If you’re really stressing too much about it before you’ve even gone then perhaps do consider a different hotel. You are not obliged to stay in the Contiki hotel so, you can really go wherever you like, as long as you’re at the hotel the morning the bus leaves.

    I, personally, didn’t stay at this hotel but I too would be suss having read the reviews and I would be considering staying somewhere else.

  • 17 Sep 2008 Explorer1085990 said


    the thing is, and i’m under no illusions about this- is that, i’ve already paid in full for the tour. I have no chance of getting at least some of my money back if I choose not to stay in the hotel, right?

  • 18 Sep 2008 Katie said



    i have organised to stay at the MGM in las vegas instead of the contiki hotel, but have decided that i will stay at the marrakech. As far as im aware alot of the posts which report the bed bugs were from quite a while ago, and if you read any of the current posts on trip advisor, or any the hotels response to the bedbug complaints, they have done heaps to prevent them from coming back, and currently there hasnt been bedbugs for a while!
    so yeh i have no problem staying there, all im guna do is check the bed thoroughly, and if i see anything dodgy at all im guna let the TM know immediately!
    why waste money by paying for another hotel for the length of your tour when you’ve already got accommodation at the Marrakech?


  • 18 Sep 2008 Jess said


    I’m not staying there however my tour just leaves from there on the morning of our trip, so I’ll just get a taxi there that morning.
    Better to be safe then sorry, just the thought makes me itch! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 18 Sep 2008 Explorer1085990 said


    thanks for the replies everyone! sorry, my earlier post sounded a little …bi**hy but I was sleep deprived lol I’m still in the process of seriously considering changing to another hotel. I learned of the bed bugs awhile ago and figured the biting was a little horrific (if you’ve seen the photos) but the posts I recently saw really made me concerned about having to quarantine my luggage for two years once I got back to NZ LOL so that’s why I was concerned. I see bed bugs haven’t been reported since May so hopefully the problem has been combatted, I certainly hope so!
    Thanks everyone.

  • 18 Sep 2008 Princessvixen said


    I stayed here for one night in June and I too had reservations not just about bedbugs but the bad reviews-I am not a princess either just slightly fussy. I need not have worried. The hotel is fine-yes it’s not in a great location and having no elevators is a * but my room was clean and no bugs! When I got into my room the first time I just rolled the covers of the bed back just to be safe………..

  • 18 Sep 2008 cdm115 said


    Just be aware that some very high end hotels have gotten bed bugs in the past few years.

    I would think that you’re at a greater risk of them when a hotel first gets them, as they haven’t started to fight them. Once they know they have the problem they will work to get rid of them and keep them from spreading.

    Oh, and as the review said you need 90 days without bites, bed bugs can actually live for a year without “eating.”

  • 19 Sep 2008 Explorer1085990 said


    yeah, i’m very aware of the fact that just because you can’t see them or feel them, doesn’t mean they’re not there! And I don’t see how changing rooms can help, surely if they can be in one room they can be in all?! How big are bed bugs anyway? Will you be able to tell straight away if they’re in your bed if you check it?

  • 26 Sep 2008 lexi said


    Ok wow I am staying in the marakesh in nov 08 on a bae tour. I work in hotel and let me either horrify or re-assure you: almost every single hotel you have ever stayed in or will stay in has had bed bugs usually they call in exteminators to get rid of them and thet does the trick. the marakesh has had a re-furbishment earlier in the year. There is no guarantee that you won’t get bed bugs but it depends on who has been in your bed before hope this helps

  • 28 Sep 2008 Crawf33 said

    Originally posted by Princessvixen:
    I stayed here for one night in June…I am not a princess …it’s not in a great location

    You’re not a princess, but you only stayed one night, and it’s not in a great location?!

    Yeah ****in’ right. The location is fine for what you pay – close to a subway to Times Square/all the action of New York, there’s a laundromat/food/internet/everything close by (if not in the hotel) and it’s a central place for Contiki people if your tour ends here and your mates are still staying there. There’s nothing wrong with the Marrakech at all. Hell, they even let me drink beers/hook up in their lobby on my last night in NYC. I’d stay there!

  • 28 Sep 2008 Princessvixen said


    I’m sorry Aussieadrian but last time I checked it was my perogative to stay where I please!I chose to stay in midtown as it was closer to the things I wanted to see and this was a group decision as I was travelling with freinds.Secondly go to and read the reviews of the Marrakech hotel-I am not the only one who had reservations about staying here.Obviously other people do to otherwise this post wouldn’t exist.I chose to stay here for one night due to the contiki tour leaving from here otherwise I would not have stayed here at all.As for the location but I disagree.The location is not close to times square unless you want to travel 40 blocks.Each to their own I say but do not judge me as I was only voicing my opinion.At the end of the day people can make their opinion!

  • 28 Sep 2008 Explorer1085990 said

    they even let me drink beers/hook up in their lobby on my last night in NYC

    Lol…classy hotel huh Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 29 Sep 2008 lexi said


    I read this from the manager

    Management Response
    MarrakechHotel, Guest Service Manager
    (Management representative)
    May 22, 2008
    While we are aware of a Bed Bug situation during the time of this guest stay in September of 2007, over the past 5 months, intensive steps have been taken in the hotel to combat this infrequent occurrence that sometimes appears in New York City hotels along with other large cities throughout the United States. As of the beginning of 2008, the hotel has brought in a new extermination company who specializes in the treatment and prevention of Bed Bugs. Some of the actions taken have included an intense treatment of ALL rooms in the hotel, new beds, carpeting, pillows and other furnishings in a majority of the guestrooms. This intense treatment has proven to be successful in eliminating the infrequent occurrences of Bed Bugs and the preventative program that is in place will help prevent the problem from reoccurring at the hotel.

    I know they will be say what they can to promote the hotel and it seems the rooms are fairly small I haven’t read that many bad reviews since the beginning of this year so hear’s hoping regardless it’s to late for me to change my booking…

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