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Bed Bugs

29 Jan 2007 shannyd said

Hey All Contiki Travellers<BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone that has travelled the European Discovery, Disoovered any problems with bedbugs!!!! I have been reading some travellogues that have said some pretty aweful things and I am concerned about infestation problems in the hotels
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  • 1 Feb 2007 Lizzie... said


    bed bugs, bed bugs, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you???

    the solution is simple.. don’t sleep Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 1 Feb 2007 *CAT* said

    Originally posted by shannyd:
    Hey All Contiki Travellers

    I was wondering if anyone that has travelled the European Discovery, Disoovered any problems with bedbugs!!!! I have been reading some travellogues that have said some pretty aweful things and I am concerned about infestation problems in the hotels

    BEDBUGS!!! EEEwwww, some one please explain? Are these for real? What do they look like? Thanks Cat

  • 2 Feb 2007 ptooma said


    Here are some cute Bed Bug Pics Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->


    - Vic

  • 2 Feb 2007 *CAT* said


    They look like tics, they should be living on cows and livestock not us!!

  • 4 Jul 2007 hollyweirdo said


    man now i’m freaking out.

  • 4 Jul 2007 anna_bananna said


    How common are bed bugs? I’m doing the ultimate european and was qwondering how common they are?

  • 5 Jul 2007 *CAT* said


    What do the bite marks look like?? flea bites? and are they only nasty and scabby after you scratch them? Where can we buy that creme (ointment or repellent – was in another forum)?
    My bed is getting inspected inside and out!

  • 5 Jul 2007 aroundthe said


    Ugh I think I’m going to sleep standing up now!

  • 5 Jul 2007 marla said


    i thought i had a case of bedbugs during my trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland last year.. it turns out that i caught some sort of nasty rash from a headrest (on a bus or plane.. not sure). i had bumps all over the back of my head that were super itchy. because i spent so much time itching it transfered to my hands. i thought i had scabies! my doctor had me on a course of antibiotics to get rid of it, thankfully. i NEVER would have thought about headrests.. and i’m one of the very cautious, don’t touch door knobs if i can help it types.

    (eww.. just got a shiver up my spine!)

  • 8 Apr 2009 Mel said


    ok this topic is great coz now i know more what to be careful with but yikes.. soo much to remember.. i feel itchy just thinking about it!

  • 8 Apr 2009 Explorer1128180 said


    OMG. now i am SOOO freaked out. ahh!!

    has this actually been a problem on contiki trips in the past, or is this thread just speculation? ahh!

  • 10 Apr 2009 tiny_dancer said


    … Annoying and a whole lot of effort I know but you can use a waterproof mattress proctecter to put over the mattress to prevent the suckers biting. … like the one you mum would have used when you wet the bed when you were little. About AU $15 from somewhere like Kmart. … otherwise stingoes for the bite does the trick.

  • 13 Apr 2009 Rockstar Rache said


    Hi Guys, I work in a backpacker resort in Queensland, Australia and i hate to be the bearer of bad news but bed bugs are very common in hotels and hostels.
    They are carried on luggage, particularly if its been in luggage holds under coaches and planes. They are spread from bag to bag and of course to rooms and linen from the bags after you’ve checked in. Sometimes you can see them, most of the time you’ll only know about it when you start getting itchy.
    But its not that big of a drama, get all of your infected stuff put into a freezer, it kills them, don’t bother with washing your stuff it won’t work. As for bites you can get creams and ointments that will stop the itchiness and redness just like mosquito or sandfly bites. It’s not that big of a deal.

  • 14 Apr 2009 cdm115 said


    If you do pick them you along the way be VERY careful when you get home, you don’t want to get your house infested.

  • 15 Apr 2010 Christina said


    are they common even in hotels on the “superior” tours though?

    urg, i want to book one, but this is holding me back!!
    someone tell me it’s worth the risk ?

  • 16 Apr 2010 cdm115 said


    You can just as easily get bed bugs in an expensive hotel as a cheap one. Contiki hotels are no more likely to get them then anyone elses. If this is holding you back, then you’ll always find there is a danger of something keeping you from traveling.

  • 16 Apr 2010 Christina said


    Hi there,
    Very true, cdm115. This is the first time I’ll be going to Europe. I’m scared, I’m nervous, but I know it will be an amazing time no matter what. I’m just gonna go and hope for the best ! Positive thoughts right?

    And thanks praha335Ci, I read through the other thread entirely!!

  • 16 Apr 2010 TashD said


    ohhhhh gross…. you cant see bed bugs can you??…
    eekkk – maybe ill just sleep on tiles! haha

  • 18 Apr 2010 AussieBeksta said


    can bed bugs find their way through sleeping bags?? if not then im gonna sleep on the bed and in a sleeping bag!

  • 29 Apr 2010 *anita* said


    I managed to get bed bugs when i was in europe-twice in fact. Not everyone on my tour did though. I was unbelivably freaked out by bed bugs before I left for the tour but once it happened it really isn’t that bad. not pretty, but could have been worse Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Don’t let it change your mind about the trip, a one off bad thing isn’t even going to worry you, with all of the amazing things that you will do during your trip.

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