Oct 12/13 departure

12 May 2007 Ray-Edm said

Is anyone going on the October 13th departure? I will be doing the European Escapade 9/13 departure, so I'll be flying in from Brussels. Send me a note if you're going to be on this tour. I'd like to see Petra after this but will probably end up on the beaches of Mallorca. My MSN is rf134a (at) hotmail (dot) com
  • 25 Jun 2007 Ray-Edm said


    So… no one is booked on this trip? I’m looking for some company to Jordan. My schedule is as follows:
    October 21: Bus to Nuweiba, fast ferry at noon to Aqaba. Overnight in Aqaba.
    October 22: Wadi Rum & overnight in a Bedouin camp
    October 23: Petra
    October 24&25: Amman and fly back to London

    Any takers?

  • 30 Jun 2007 themantissa said


    I am! Just signed up Friday. Can’t make it to Jordan though, wish I could but not enough time off of work Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->


  • 1 Jul 2007 sdguy said


    I just signed up too Cool<!--graemlin::cool:--> …but I’m flying back on the 21st…

  • 2 Jul 2007 themantissa said


    Now we are three!

    So are you both traveling alone too? I hope to find a roommate here before the trip. Looking forward to meeting and traveling with you both!

  • 2 Jul 2007 sdguy said


    I’ll be traveling alone.

  • 4 Jul 2007 themantissa said


    Awesome Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    So does anyone else wonder why the Egypt board is under Europe and not Africa?

  • 16 Jul 2007 Ray-Edm said


    Contiki doesn’t do tours to Africa. Technically, Egypt is in the Middle East but it’s close enough to Europe since it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

    You can add me to your msn if you want.

    rf134a (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • 17 Jul 2007 themantissa said


    Actually Egypt is on the continent of Africa so if Contiki doesn’t do tours to Africa then someone should tell them they are Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Perhaps in politics and culture it may seem more Middle Eastern but geographically it is not.

  • 29 Jul 2007 said



    I’m Marsha(29 f) from New York. Planing on booking the oct 12, 07 trip shortly. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


  • 2 Aug 2007 EUtrotter said


    Hello everyone Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->, I’m sorting out my bookings but I will most likely be on this tour with you guys. Any tips? I’m 25/m Brisbane. This will be my fourth Contiki tour this year. I did the 22 Day Europe Camping just over a month ago.

  • 2 Aug 2007 themantissa said


    Hi Marsha and EUtrotter! Welcome! The more people I see post here the more excited I am about going. BTW, I haven’t posted it yet but I’m 33/f.

  • 3 Aug 2007 sdguy said


    Me: 30/m. San Diego, California Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 6 Aug 2007 EUtrotter said


    Hello friends, I’ve booked and paid in full Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 17 Aug 2007 sdguy said


    Are you guys getting your visa before the trip, or waiting till you get there?

  • 19 Aug 2007 said


    First time i ever hear about a visa?
    please do fill in.

  • 19 Aug 2007 themantissa said


    I’m getting mine beforehand as the Contiki rep said it’s a really good idea since they can always deny you a visa when you get there. I’m using the service they recommended:
    A bit pricey but I’d rather have the whole visa thing out of the way Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> If you are near a consulate I think you could just go and get yours in person as well. Also, some (very few) countries require a visa to fly though so be sure to check anywhere you have a stop at !


  • 20 Aug 2007 Ray-Edm said


    The Egyptian Embassy keeps on telling me that since I’m a Canadian, I should get it at the Cairo Airport. The lady says that they really don’t care.

  • 23 Aug 2007 EUtrotter said


    I’m getting my visa at the airport! I’m leaving Brisbane this coming monday 27 Aug. See you guys then!

  • 30 Aug 2007 AndrewB said


    Hi folks,

    Just signed for this trip, figured I’d drop in and say hello Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    I’ll be flying in from Toronto through Milan.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone.


  • 3 Oct 2007 sdguy said


    Anyone get their contiki travel packet and ugly green thing yet?



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