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what should i bring with me to egypt??

22 May 2008 maggiegw asked

i am goin jan 2nd and i tend to over pack, if anyone has gone and has any advise please feel free to share it
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  • 5 Jul 2008 LadyBug said


    I went Jan this year and I found I wore jeans, two other pairs of long pants, and a bunch of three quarter sleeve length tops. I didn’t wash and you don’t get much of a chance to wash and dry stuff, so allow for one top per day and then maybe 5 for night to be safe. I also brought a lightweight jacket that I tended to wear over strappy tops almost every day. That saves on packing if you can do that too! Oh and also bring an extra couple of pairs of socks. I ran out of socks towards the end and it made me a little sad.

    Bring lots of hand sanitiser, immodium and make sure you have a general medical kit. All the usual travel stuff- copies of documents etc. On a girlie note (sorry guys!) I know at least two girls on my tour got thrush so I would make sure you bring treatment for it, even if you haven’t had it before. I’m not sure how you’d go about asking for medication for that in Egypt :P I think it was because we didn’t eat much fresh fruit and veges (because it’s washed in tap water. Just don’t go there. Trust me.) and a lot of people had a cold so general low immunity.

    This tour will blow your mind, it’s absolutely awesome. The overnight train is horrible though, it will probably be worse than you expect. Don’t go hoping to get any sleep on it. Also they say they feed you, but make sure you basically bring an entire meal with you because the food they give you is hideous and breakfast is pretty much a few different types of packaged bread. It’s not inedible or anything, but you’ll be veeeery hungry if you don’t BYO food.

    You’ll have a fab time though, the tour is sooo good and Egypt is an awesome place Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Jul 2008 Lex Luther said

    Lex Luther
    The choice of colour can add to the comfort factor. Avoid dark colours whist touring,as this will only absorb heat and will only add to the discomfort factor.Khaki or green would be ideal for daytime. Dark colours are allright for nighttime.

    hi, u all welcome in egypt, egypt in jan is better & a little cold, but i think u can get Dark colours as u want it’s ok there’s no heat at this time of year,
    oh i forget to introduce myself, i’m samy from egypt, and i’m happy to answer any questions u’ve

  • 14 Sep 2008 Cricky said


    I am going on the same trip Maggie so I hope to see you there. Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> I am bring some lightweight skirts, pants and tops. Jeans take a lot of space and you will probably want to save room for souvenoirs.

    I was more worried about dress customs although I saw in the video people wearing tank tops. From what I read be respectful and in public avoid overly tight or skin showing clothing. Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 2 Oct 2008 cdm115 said


    I brought a 25 inch suitcase and it was fine.

    I wouldn’t worry about the colors you bring in January, even in the middle of summer I wouldn’t give it too much thought.

    For girls I wouldn’t bring more then 1 pair of shorts and they are inappropriate in most places, as well as tight skimpy shirts, they will bring unwanted negative attention. Capris pants would be fine. Also make sure you have sneakers or a regualar shoe, much of egypt is dirty and dusty.

    It does get cold at night so a light jacket or a sweatshirt is good.

    I think the boat does offer laundry service too if you need it.

  • 26 Nov 2008 haftrack said


    Capri pants are fine during the day. I wouldn’t really wear shorts or tank tops but a lot of girls do. You’ll need a sweater for during the evening, and maybe 1 longer pair of pants or jeans for the evening that you’ll wear maybe once or twice. You’ll only get one chance to wash clothes & that’s the first night on the cruise.

    Also, you will need some sort of bug spray. We got bit in the hotel rooms and the train, and of course outside too.

    I went this month, and I didn’t need sunscreen.

    Make sure to bring lots of your own toilet paper or tissues for the toilets outside of the hotels.

    It’s pretty dry so if you tend to get a bloody nose you’ll need some neosporin or something similar to keep the inside of your nose from getting to dry.

    If you’re going to drink coffee or hot tea from the hotels & other places I would start with 1 cup first and see how the day goes. I started with one cup, I didn’t get sick, but my stomache did not like it all; I would have hated to drink several cups and gotten really sick.

    Bring enough american dollars to pay for your optionals, otherwise if you pay with your credit card they will add 3% onto the total.

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