Wild Western beginning the 29th of June 2011

1 Jan 2011 Jules1988 said

Hey guys<BR><BR>My mate Jane and I are doing this tour! We are 23 years of age and from Sydney, Australia! yew!!<BR><BR>We are flying to NYC first to visit a mate for a week and a bit, then heading down to Miami for a few days then back to NYC to fly out to LA for this tour!! so all round 4.5 week USA trip!!<BR><BR>Would be great to see some ppl on this tour!
  • 3 Jan 2011 brad said


    hey guys i will be doin this tour aswell and i am doin the 4 day LA exployer just before it. i am 28 from brisbane. cant wait

  • 22 Jan 2011 Jules1988 said


    Sorry brad we have booked the 22nd! hope u have a great time tho!

  • 18 Feb 2011 Explorer1233020 said


    Hey Brad and explorer 1117737,

    I am going on the Wild Western on the 29th of July 2011, but, also doing the LA Explorer before, starting the 25th. I’m a 23 year old female from Ontario, Canada.

    Can’t wait

  • 21 Feb 2011 brad said


    hey do u mean 29th june or july cause i am going in june and the LA exployer starts on the 26th june u maybe a month early

  • 21 Feb 2011 Explorer1233020 said


    hey, sorry, I meant June!! I am doing the LA explorer starting the 26th of June then doing the Wild Western right after.


  • 22 Feb 2011 brad said


    oh awesome i cant wait i am going to canada for a week before to stay with a freind then going back to LA to start these tours i cant wait. where abouts are u from? i am 28 from brisbane australia and do u have facebook???

  • 22 Feb 2011 brad said


    hahaha i just ready your above comment i see u live in canada i am going to calgary to visit a freind i get there on the 15th june

  • 4 Mar 2011 Explorer1117737 said


    thats good another person on the trip cant wait

  • 5 Mar 2011 brad said


    our tour has become a denfinte departure too yewwwwww

  • 7 Mar 2011 Explorer1233020 said


    hey brad,

    thank goodness for the definite departure!!! I am from a town called Tecumseh, which is like 10 minutes from Windsor, Ontario. I am from the most southern part of Canada.

  • 7 Mar 2011 brad said


    hey erica
    i know its great i was getting really worried about it not being a defenite but now no need to worry i cant wait this will be my 2nd contiki they are the best and i am glad i am going in the summer time dont think i could handel the canadian and american winter being and aussie an all lol. i cant wait to see parts of canada it looks really nice. once we find a few more people we will have to create a group on facebook or something

  • 4 Apr 2011 Nils said


    Hey there
    my mate Markus and I booked this tour as well. (Just to avoid any misunderstanding: june 29th )
    We’re around 20 and from germany

  • 5 Apr 2011 brad said


    hey nils thats awesome we got more people i am 28 from Brisbane Australia not long to go now yewwwww i cant wait

  • 20 Apr 2011 Explorer1117737 said


    love it more ppl coming, its gonna b good

  • 12 May 2011 brad said


    got all my contiki doco’s today 34 days to go yewwwwwwww



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