Simply Italy

27 Jun 2010 Explorer1193378 said

Hey guys i'm planning on taking the simply italy trip sometime either in oct/nov of this year or in the spring of 2011, and i'm wondering what people feel the best month to go would be. I dont want to be uncomfertably hot, or cold, nor do i want to go during a month where it's going to rain for most of the trip. I also want to consider when other people generally take this; i'm wondering if I go during the fall/spring are there going to be very few people my age (22) going due to school or other commitments. I would much rather go with people my age than 30-35's, no offense <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--><BR><BR> On another topic i've chosen the simply italy trip because while I eventually want to see all of europe, I feel like the trips that cover most of europe in a month would be rushed; seeing something like 12 to 15 countries in about a month wouldn't allow much time per location. I also feel like a good portion of the time would be spent travelling from one place to another. The simply italy trip spends 2 weeks in one country (well 2, italy and vatican city). I feel like it's going to be a better way to experience a foreign country. Am I somewhat correct in these assumptions or am I completely off the mark?<BR><BR> Any additional advice that differs from that already posted on these forums concering italy would be much appriciated.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Campbell
  • 18 Nov 2010 Cass said


    I am planning to do the Simply Italy Tour in August – September 2011. I am going on the Tour solo!!!



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