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Anyone going on European Encounter on 14th July 2010

27 Nov 2009 Kimberley said

Hi, I have booked to go on European Encounter departing 14th July 2010. Just wondering if anyone else out there has booked this tour?
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  • 6 Jan 2010 said


    Hey, I just booked European Encounter Leaving July 9 2010. Frowner<!--graemlin::(--> Are you travelling solo. Good Luck.

  • 7 Jan 2010 Kimberley said


    Actually travelling with my hubby and my sister. Would really like to meet someone who is going on the same trip. Its so exciting isn’t it!
    Are u travelling with others?

  • 7 Jan 2010 said


    No I am just travelling alone. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Where are you travelling from?

  • 8 Jan 2010 said


    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that. I just had to change my tour date because of timing. I am now joining you on tour July 14, 2010. cheers

  • 8 Jan 2010 Kimberley said


    Hi! Thats fantastic. i am so excited to meet someone on our tour.
    My sister is thrilled that someone else will be travelling alone, so she doesn’t have to hang out with us all of the time! Im sure we’ll all make loads of friends anyway.
    We are from Newcastle, Australia.
    Are you travelling elsewhere before or after our tour?

  • 8 Jan 2010 Chloe said


    I’ll be there!

  • 11 Jan 2010 said


    Hey Kimberley, Sorry it took so long to reply back Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->. Wow Australia that awesome. I am also thrilled that I found people to hang out with as well. I am not very good with directionsBig Grin<!--graemlin::D--> lol so its good to know some fellow travellers. Before the tour I am heading to England a couple of days early to do some shopping. After the tour I am heading to Malta. Are guys stopping anywhere before and or After the tour?

  • 13 Jan 2010 Kimberley said


    We are actually going for 6 weeks all up. We have family that live 1/2 hour out of London so staying with them for a few days before the trip and after the trip. then we are off to Athens and doing the Mykonos and island cruising contiki tour. Then back to my family! Big trip!
    We will be staying at the Royal National Hotel in London the night before we leave to go on our tour. Are you staying there?
    Chloe is my sister. The one that left a comment before you! We are so excited.
    Do you have facebook?
    Take care

  • 16 Jan 2010 said


    Your trip sounds awesome. I am staying at the Royal National Hotel. I might be there a couple of days before. I can’t wait. I do have facebook and I can’t wait to meet you guys Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    Talk to you soon

    Facebook Account:
    Melanie Farrugia

  • 16 Jan 2010 Kimberley said


    thats great, we can meet the day before our tour.
    I have added you on facebook, so has Chloe.
    speak soon

  • 10 Feb 2010 Explorer1165524 said


    Hi, My name is Sarah and my husband and I are going on the 14th as well. So glad to see there is another married couple going! We’re from Karratha, West Australia. Can’t wait!!!

  • 10 Feb 2010 Explorer1165524 said


    Sorry guys I’m a drongo… 14th of May unfortunately!! Have a great time anyway!!

  • 12 Feb 2010 Perky96 said


    Hello all!! I’m booking this tour in a few days. I’m traveling alone and will be in London a day in advance, since the trip itself doesn’t really tour London much. I was thinking of joining a local double-decker bus day tour – if anyone’s interested I’d love to get to know you before the actual tour starts!

    I’m 29, male, from Orange County, Southern California. I’ll set up a facebook group maybe?

  • 12 Feb 2010 Perky96 said


    I’ve created a facebook group for us – can’t wait to meet everyone before hand!

    Facebook Group

  • 14 Feb 2010 Kimberley said


    Hey! We are so excited to meet other people coming on our tour! I joined the facebook page too. only 21 weeks to go!!

  • 19 Feb 2010 neilguha said


    I’m also booked on this trip, haven’t bought my air tickets yet. I’m thinking of reaching London on the 13th evening, so I have the 14th and 15th for exploring London. Any one else reaching before the 14th?

    31 male, travelling solo, originally from India, live in San Diego.

  • 20 Feb 2010 said


    Hey, thats great that you are joining us on the trip. We have a facebook group started. The link is on the first page of replys under Perky96. Glad to meet you

  • 20 Feb 2010 Perky96 said


    Very nice…we now know 8 people who are coming. My roomate went on this trip and said it could be as big as 50 people. Keep ’em coming!

  • 14 Mar 2010 mish said


    There is another tour that leaves on July 16. It has been brought to my attention that some people in this group may be leaving home on the 14th of July and not London on the 14th of July. So was wondering how many of you are leaving London on the 14th of July and how many are leaving London the 16th of July (leaving home on the 14th)?

    Also was the facebook group for the tour leaving London on the 14th of July or leaving London the 16th of July (leaving home 14th of July).

    I guess it is easy to get confused with the tours so close together.

    I am on the tour leaving July 16. I arrive in London late afternoon on the 11th July and will explore London for a few days before the tour starts. I am staying near Oxford St, which is only about 15 minutes walk from the meeting place Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->


  • 6 Apr 2010 Kimberley said


    Hi Michelle,
    Our contiki tour leaves London on the 14th July. So we are not on the same tour as you. I think most people in this chat are the same as me. Maybe Neilguha is a little confused, thinking he is on our tour! I think he is on yours.
    Sorry! You will be arriving in countries as we are leaving them!
    Have a great time…..not long now!

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