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Grand Southern - 9 June 2011 (LA - NY)???

26 Oct 2010 Dani1811 asked

Hey, is there anyone booked for the Grand Southern for the 9 June 2011????
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  • 29 Nov 2010 emma-lee21 said


    hey guys!
    im on this trip too, from Perth WA
    Another aussie haha..
    fly into LA on the 7th of June…
    If anybody is keen to catch up let me know!
    SO excited!!!!

  • 29 Nov 2010 Dani1811 said


    Hey Emma-Lee!!!

    I fly in to La on the 7 of June too and from Perth. What flights are you on and are you flying into la from sydney???

  • 30 Dec 2010 Bec said


    Another Aussie here too! Im from Melbourne! so excited! Im thinking about do the la explorer and the ny explorer!!

  • 6 Jan 2011 Jess33 said


    Hey guys,
    Just got off the phone to a contiki consultant person – i was asking about our last day when we arrive in New York for Independance Day. He said he cant guarantee anything, but if everyone wanted to get in earlier (not the scheduled 5pm time) our tour manager may let us leave the previous destination early….. but he said if not, dont worry people in new york dont go out until late at night anyway.

    So even if we miss doing a cruise around the statue of liberty we’ll still have an awesome night out. He kinda giggled and said oh dont worry Independance day in new york? you guys will have a blast!!!

    Eeeeek so excited! not long to go now!
    see you all soon

  • 7 Jan 2011 Raylee said


    Hi everyone, I’m from Brisbane and I am doing this trip with a friend. We arrive on Saturday 5th June and we are booked to do the LA Explorer first. We are also going to do the NY Explorer at the end. I’m definately keen to organise something for Independence (Day) Night!

  • 9 Jan 2011 Mayrah said


    im feeling a lil’ bit excited…..seems like the aussies are taking over this trip lol!…good fun days ahead guys…..

  • 11 Jan 2011 Explorer1215389 said


    Hey guys i dont know what everyone decided to do with us getting back so late on independance day but i decided to leave the tour on the third and got a flight to ny from washington cost round 100 bucks but i think it will help me getting to do something for the 4th of july

  • 12 Jan 2011 Stephi.b said

    Originally posted by Mayrah:
    im feeling a lil’ bit excited…..seems like the aussies are taking over this trip lol!…good fun days ahead guys…..

    Sooo sooo excited!!!
    Where are people staying in New York and for how long?

  • 13 Jan 2011 Hannah said


    hey everyone,

    Another aussie on board Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> haha

    Im Hannah, 21 , new south wales girl, travelling solo

    So keen to go and meet you all, June cant come quick enough!

  • 14 Jan 2011 Taryn said


    Hello all,
    23y/o female from Melbourne. Just booked myself on this trip as well – could not be more excited!
    Pretty excited to see a lot of fellow ‘solo’ travelers on this tour too!
    I am arriving on 29th May to spend 10days in California (San Fran, San Diego, LA etc) before we leave and after the tour have almost 7 weeks to ‘wing’ the rest of my trip…
    Hope there are some more people on the tour who are keen to travel around for a bit after the tour finishes????
    Cannot wait for NY! Going to be the most AMAZING place – and arriving Independence Day even better!
    My email is if anyone is keen to chat and get excited as we count down!

  • 17 Jan 2011 Explorer1091115 said


    Hey Guys…just booked up for the Grand southern with a mate. We are from WA so couple more Aussie’s for the trip. Cant wait, hope next 5 months fly’s bye. For you solo travellers you will have the best time on contiki, so dont be nervous about travelling, i did europe 2 years back and had best time on contiki and Europe, still keep in contact with alot of them these days. So whats everyone plans for hotel after on the 4th, im looking at staying at the drop off point. does anyone no the name of the hotel because there is 2 on the list.

  • 17 Jan 2011 Taryn said


    ^ I am pretty sure it is New York Skyline Hotel. At least that is what I hope and the one I booked through Contiki for the end of the tour…

  • 19 Jan 2011 Mayrah said


    its the NY skyline Hotel…that where we are booked as well.

  • 20 Jan 2011 Stephi.b said


    In regards to after Contiki, my friend and I are staying in New York till friday, we are staying in a little Boutique Hotel in Times Square. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 22 Feb 2011 Danielle said


    Hi, I’m Danielle from Brisbane. I will be travelling with a friend. We’re doing the LA and NY explorer before and after the Grand Southern. Am so keen to go to a Yankee’s Game. I will leaving NY at 4pm on the 8th of July. Not too long to go now is everyone excited??!!

  • 22 Feb 2011 Stephi.b said


    Hey Danielle,
    We are there till the 8th as well, then off to Vegas. I can’t wait to party in New York!! So looking forwards to the tour….just wish it was june already!!!!

  • 22 Feb 2011 Danielle said


    YAY!! I am so excited. Look forward to seeing you there. Great to see that there will be other people staying on in NY past the 4th of July. Where are you from?

  • 22 Feb 2011 Stephi.b said


    So am I…we are from Melbourne. We arnt doing the whole Grand Southern just from New Orleans onwards but wish we were doing it all now!! Can’t wait!!! How old are you girls?

  • 22 Feb 2011 Bec said


    Hi I’m Bec! I am doing the LA and the NY explorer too! i am leaving NY on the 8th, flying back to LA to fly home! I am from Melbourne too! 24/F travelling solo! i can’t wait to meet everyone! I am keen for a Yankees game too! its not long to go now!!

  • 27 Feb 2011 Nici said


    hey guys
    im nici, from perth as well, im on the first bit of your tour just til new orleans.
    but im staying at the hotel in LA before hand so if a few ppl are there it would be great to catch up :)

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