Winter Wanderer - 20 November 2010

9 May 2010 AliNovak said

Hi guys,<BR><BR>My husband and I have just booked on the Winter wanderer leaving london on 20 November 2010.<BR><BR>Anyone else out there on this tour?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>A
  • 5 Jul 2010 James. said


    Totally doing this tour at that time.

  • 12 Jul 2010 Explorer1197020 said


    hey im maybe going on this one, not sure yet. i want to spend some time in london first so am aiming towards the 24th but im going solo and ahvent found anyone doing these tours so if i dont i will be on this one.

  • 14 Jul 2010 AliNovak said


    Oh yay finally some other people!

    Where are you from James? We’re from Canberra. Are you travelling alone or with others?

  • 15 Jul 2010 James. said


    Yeah, Im from some crappy town called ‘Drouin’ in Victoria. One of my mates from uni is doing this tour aswell.

    It better be awesome! I have had to sacrafice many a nights of binge drinking at uni parties to afford this! haha

  • 15 Jul 2010 James. said


    and to ‘Explorer1197020’

    Definatly do this this tour.
    It will be awesome.
    Im doing a week in London and south-west England before the tour.

  • 15 Jul 2010 Explorer1197020 said


    hey, unfortunately i will be be on the 24th november i still ahvent come across anyone yet but the contiki people said there will be people on it cause its a def departure and they wouldnt make it that if there werent. and it suits me better before and after. sorry i have met another girl doing the 20th. hope you all have heaps of fun and hope i find someone!

  • 7 Aug 2010 Explorer1163038 said


    Hey everyone, my names Kate and my boyfrend Matt and I are going on the Winter Wanderer tour on nov 20. We re from Australia, Victoria, we are 20 and 23 =) and cant wait to go! we are also going on the england/ scotland tour on the 18th on dec.. look forward to meeting everyone!! and a white christmas =)

  • 7 Aug 2010 Matt/Kate said


    hey all, im matt, kates bf. im looking forward to this trip heaps. taking time off work, not all of it paid, so yeah i agree, it had better be worth it. should be good though.

  • 23 Aug 2010 Ayesha said


    Hi Everyone I’m Ayesha
    I’m traveling as a single on this trip and going to be in London a week early. I’m from Sydney, cant wait!

  • 20 Sep 2010 Explorer1207460 said


    Hi all,
    I’m Laura and I’ll be joining you on this adventure on the 20th Nov! Im from Perth, Australia and am also travelling by myself.
    Look forward to seeing you all in Nov!

  • 25 Sep 2010 Explorer1163038 said


    Yay more people are starting to join the chat room =)less than 2 months

  • 13 Oct 2010 AliNovak said


    We picked up all of our paperwork from the travel agent today! So exciting! It’s so close now Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 18 Oct 2010 Explorer1207460 said


    Bought my backpack on the weekend! That’s when it hit me that it’s only a month away!!

    Looking forward to meeting you all Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Oct 2010 Explorer1213957 said


    Hey guys, im Sean from south africa. Cant wait to meet everyone Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 11 Nov 2010 Explorer1216690 said


    Hi all, I’m travelling solo on this one, I live in New Zealand. Not too many sleeps now, look forward to meeting you all in London!!




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