Mobile Phone in Europe

10 Apr 2007 BigSugar said

Hi All,<BR><BR>I just booked two Contiki tours, Ultimate Europe and Russia&Scandi.<BR><BR>I am planning to bring my Mobile-phone (Tri-band, unlocked) for the trip, so I can call Canada. <BR><BR>I know ekit sells different kind internation Roaming SIM cards, but the base rate is already 0.99USD/minute, and depends on other countries you may visit, the rate can be even higher. <BR><BR>Do you guys know if this rate already cover the long-distance fee from europe to Canada, or it's only the cost the air-time, I have to add the long distance cost additonal. <BR><BR>I was wondering if there are some cheaper alternative, such as Vodafone. I know their network cover a lot countries in Europe. However both of my tours probably cover even more countries (26) in Europe. I am kind struggled about which mobile plan should I choose.<BR><BR>Thanks alot



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