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Winter Wanderer Review 2010

13 Aug 2010 Donna said

Hi All <BR><BR>My fiance and I did the Winter Wanderer from 23 December 2009 to 19(?) January 2010. <BR><BR>By way of summary - our trip was amazing! Hell, Europe in winter is amazing!<BR><BR>Our guide was an absolute champ! He was very knowledgeable, had a great attitude and was able to carefully tread the line between boss and drinking buddy as needed. Our bus driver was a little quieter, but was also very good at his job. Our tour group was a fantastic group of singles and couples between 18 and 33 (I am 27). We all got a long and it helped make the trip so much fun!<BR><BR>The Winter Wanderer is a tick-n-flick type trip - this is obvious when one reads the brochure. There are lots of places to see in a jam packed 24 days. If you want a grandma pace tour - why are you even looking at Contiki?!?! lol<BR><BR>There is a fair bit of time on the bus, but I spent this time talking, playing on the mini laptop we took over or simply looking out the window! There is a lot to see between destinations - not just the destinations themselves! In particular, the trip from Nice to Florence and the trip from Venice to Vienna. Beautiful!<BR><BR>The timing of stops was pretty good. Many of the stops are 2 nights which sets a nice pace. I was there to see Europe, and not just party all night every night (though there was the occassional blinder). So I spent each free day getting organised and getting moving to see what I wanted to see. There were a number of other people on our tour with the same mission which was great! The destinations on the Winter Wanderer trip are the best! It's everything you need to see and more. I was impressed by every city. My favourites were Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Paris. *sigh*<BR><BR>We did all the optionals except the Mozart night in Vienna. They were all pretty good value. Least favour was probably the swiss fondue lunch and most favourite was probably the Moulin Rouge. <BR><BR>What else? Oh, the accommodation - I had researched what to expect and was prepared for the worse. However, each hotel was nice enough, had the necessary facilities and was well located or otherwise contiki did drop offs. There may have been a few with laundry facilities, but we were generally too busy seeing things or going for dinner to use them! There was an offer for laundry to be taken, done and returned in Nice but it was very very expensive. <BR><BR>Anyway, this is my review. Take from it what you want. If I missed anything, just ask!
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  • 30 Aug 2010 Katie said


    wow seem you had a great trip, i;m thinking off doing this trip at the end of next year, was if very cold in london, and the rest of europe, how much spending money should i bring thinking of $5000.00 AUD. feedback would be great

  • 6 Sep 2010 Donna said


    It was very cold in London, Paris, Lucerne, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. We took a few days to get used to it – we live in far north Queensland and stopped in Egypt on the way over so had no tolerance for freezing weather! But it’s all about being prepared – I had waterproof hiking boots, scarfs, decent leather gloves and a wool jacket and ski jacket to alternate. Plus, by the time we got back to London after the tour, I thought 6 degrees was nice!

    In relation to money, I think $5000 should be heaps. All your accommodation, most transport and most meals are covered so when you’re on tour you really only need money for the rest of your meals, activities and whatever else you feel like spending on. We didn’t really keep track of what we spent, but it was a lot less than I thought I’d spend. I found Europe is more of an experience destination rather than a shopping destination.

    Hope this helps!

  • 15 Oct 2010 Bianca said


    My husband and I are thinking about doing this in December ‘11. So glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Can’t wait!

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