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10 Jul 2007 canada-man123 said

Hello all. I will give you a real scoop on Contiki as well. I am experience traveller with Contiki. I have done a few contikis already. European Vista. Scandinavia and Russia, Spanish Spree, Golden Fleece and spent time at contiki resort in Mykonos Resort.

All I have are positive reviews on Contiki. Its good way to get a taste of every aspect of travel to every country. You do get a taste of the culture while at same time you see all the main sights and have great times with social as pect.

The main aspect of doing a Contiki is the social Aspect. As thats whats its gear for. For if you all u want to do is see the sights and not socialize then perhaps another way of travel is best.

Contiki has been a positive experience. I have people from all over the world. As well i have maintain to keep in touch with all of my travel friends. With that in mind i have come with a different view on the world.

In conclusion i highly recommend Contiki to anyone. And travelling is the best medicine.

If anyone has any questions regarding Contiki or anything with tours with them or anything on Europe.

Feel free to ask me questions.

u can contact me above or at the following email addresses.


I have lots of photos on my facebook, so u if u want to see pics feel free to email me and i can hook you up.


Worldtraveller from Canada

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