Canada Tours

12 Jan 2008 Brendan said

I would love to do a Grand Canadian or Canada & The Rockies tour departing in early October but the latest departure dates are in September when the footy season is still on!<BR><BR>I realise it starts getting cooler in Canada in October but I checked and it's not too cold - warmer than in Grand Southern destinations Cortez & Washington in December.<BR><BR>If there was enough interest maybe Contiki would add an additional departure date - I'd be a definite starter!
  • 22 Jan 2008 *Steph said


    Definately go see the rockies if you get the chance. I live 3 hours from them in Edmonton, AB. They’re so pretty I haven’t seen anything to beat them. If you want to ski or snowboard best time to come is from November to February but it gets cold depending on how bad the wind is. Don’t not come just because contiki doesn’t offer a tour as late as you want to come. It’d be worth coming in september, it’s beautiful all year.



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