Guaranteed Departures??

19 Oct 2007 Jords asked

Hi All,<BR><BR>Im abit confused about the idea of guaranteed departures...I picked up the new Europe brochure today and on page 8 it talks about the guaranteed deaprtures, and that if there is a tick next to the date that means it is guaranteed to depart, unless of course there is extenuating circumstances (like political unrest or somthing). It then goes on to say that they will not reschedule tours within 50 days of departure through peak season (in other words, they can still reschedule these so-called "guaranteed departures" as long as they give 51 days or more notice.<BR><BR>This doesnt seem right to me...How can they call something a guaranteed departure when in actual fact they can cancel it as long as its with 50+ days notice? <BR><BR>It also bugs me because the tour I am thinking of doing leaves on april 24 (a G.Departure) yet the peak seson is may-septemeber, in which case they can cancel my tour with less than 50 days notice.<BR><BR>Can anyone shed any light on this? Am I getting the right end of the stick here? <BR>Jords

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