tours that contiki do not offer

25 Aug 2007 Hipjaz, the canuck from the T-Dot said

hi there, i was reading a post by nole00destin about the vatican tour and it was mentioned that contiki doesn't offer it and everyone is on their own. angel tours was recommended as a vatican tour to pre book. i was wondering if i book a tour at 9 am with a tour group like angel tour, am i completely on my own to find my way through the city from where our contiki hotel is to the vatican for 9am?
also, what other tours of famous places doesn't contiki offer so that i would know if i should pre book tickets or not. i would hate to get to europe to find out that the tour was not included and it be too late for me to independently book a tour. i generally assume that contiki tour will take to on a tour of these famous places as suppose to me trying to find myself a tour last minute or wait in long lines

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