Where should I skip??

1 Jul 2009 brydz05 asked

I am tossing up between several options for my eurotrip.

The only way to see absolutely EVERYWHERE I want to see in the budget I'm aiming for.. is the 46 day camping trip.

I could save up more and do the more expensive options but it means I couldn't get there for probably another 6 months on top of when I want to go, which would make it winter, so I'd have to wait ANOTHER 6 months until it was summer again...

I can't wait that long!!!!

So in order to get there, in my budget, in my time frame I have to either camp for 46 days straight (which I don't think I could do)


sacrifice either Spain, or both Prague and Croatia. All of which I want to see.
I'm leaning towards picking a tour that has Prague and Croatia, cos I can always come back and do the Spanish Spree further down the track..
  • 1 Jul 2009 Curtis71 said


    Yeah, I would tend to agree with sacrificing Spain because there’s many other “Spain Specialist” type tours that you can do in future years.

  • 1 Jul 2009 MJ said


    I have heard that Prague and Croatia are much better than spain. I have been planning for a trip to Prague for a while. A friend of mine just returned from a month in croatia w/ family and her pictures are awesome.

    I would have to agree to skip spain for now if you can back track later.

  • 1 Jul 2009 brydz05 said


    At the moment I’m looking at doing the European Whirl for 18 days, and then the Greek Island Hopping.

    I was so set on camping for 46 days but then I thought about the reality of sleeping on the ground for that long and all that, I’d rather it be a little more like a holiday than an expedition.

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