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A few questions about Australia trips....

16 Apr 2009 Explorer1109958 said

Hi everyone. I will be doing the Beach & Reefs trip in August and have some questions...<BR><BR>1. Do the hotels provide room safes to keep valuables?<BR><BR>2. How often will we have the availibility to wash clothes?<BR><BR>3. Will laundry detergent be available for sale or is it better to bring my own?<BR><BR>4. Anyone ever have problems with bed bugs?<BR><BR>5. When people refer to the contiki cough, is this kinda like having the flu?<BR><BR>6. I love my pillow and was thinking about bringing it on the trip, but Im afraid it will take up too much space. Any suggestions on this?<BR><BR>7. As for going out at night....what is the typical attire? Are the places more "club" like or more bar/lounge?<BR><BR>8. Do girls bring purses? What do you use to carry your daily stuff camera, money, ipod, etc.?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!
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  • 16 Apr 2009 oooteresa said


    Hey. I’m thinking about going on the same tour in December and good use an answer to some of those questions as well. I did go on a European Contiki for 12 days and I can tell you about the “cough.” For me it was a full blown cold (not quite flu) w/ a day or two of fever and I’m generally a very healthy person. I got sick on about day 3 but luckily most other people didn’t get the cough or cold until later. It’s basically just a reaction to the jet lag, temperature change (Europe in Dec was cold, rainy, and snowy), lack of sleep (early mornings and late nights), and long daily bus rides. Sounds miserable, right? Buuut you’ll be having way too much fun to care about it. Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Drink lots of water, take vitamins, and bring cold medicines from home that you’re comfortable with…just in case!

    And unless you don’t plan on packing much else I’m going to say “no go” on the pillow.

  • 20 Apr 2009 Explorer1109958 said


    Hi guys, thanks for answering the questions! But now it leads me to a couple more…

    1. If there are no safes in the room and you spend most of the day in a bathing suit, do you bring ALL your money and passport with you ALL THE TIME?

    2. What is the preferred way to bring money? Travelers checks, cash, etc. I think I read someplace that its best to use American cash (but I would hate to have to bring several thousand dollars in cash with me to every place. Any advice?

  • 23 May 2009 Deggy said



    Prefered way to bring money = all of the above. No, you cannot use American dollars in Australia, they will laugh at you. There are plenty of banks and exchnage point for travellers cheques, cash, etc. You will not have a problem – it is the same as America in that regard.

    No safes? Ask the hostel/hotel if they will hold your bags. If not don’t be too worries its a very safe place. The only worries you’ll have in terms of theft are the people who are on your tour.

  • 24 May 2009 explorer87 said


    I went on a 25 day tour of Australia and partied every night without fail. I avoided the contiki cough by drinking orange juice every morning and using beroca. Beroca is a tablet that disolves in water (tropical flavour) it is a hangover cure but is also also full of vitamins and minerals and should boost your immune system to fight off the contiki cough

  • 6 Jul 2009 Supernatural_fan said


    hi i’m an assie my self and if i were you i wiuld not bring usd because shop keepers and hotels will not take usD You would have to go into a bank to exchange the cash into AUs dollars and they charge $20 each time your best choice is a bank card

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