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Grand Southern (NY to LA) February 2011

10 Jun 2010 Pamela85 said

Its my first time on a contiki tour! Is anyone else doing the GS in Feb next year?? I am travelling alone <img src="" alt="Roll Eyes" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::rolleyes:-->
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  • 7 Jul 2010 ash108 said


    it’s my first time too. i’m doing the Grand Southern in Feb 2011. and i’ll be alone as well.

  • 14 Jul 2010 Pamela85 said


    hey explorer im booked for the 18 Feb, when are you goin? are u doin NY to LA?? looking forward to it. where abouts u from?

  • 19 Jul 2010 ash108 said


    Hey. Yeah I’m booked for the 18th feb as well. Although I’ll be in ny from the 14th cause I’m doing the 4 day new York explored before hand.
    I’m 19 and from Brisbane, how about yourself?

  • 19 Jul 2010 Pamela85 said


    yer im staying there as well i arrive on 16 Feb. we should arrange to meet up before our tour and stayin for 2 nights in LA as well. i know wat u mean about spending heaps of time on facebook that thing gets addictive haha if u ever want to chat jst email me on It is pretty early to see who is else going but im hell excited. you planning to do anythin else after the tour?

  • 20 Jul 2010 ash108 said


    ah yeah thats awesome stuff!!!
    i would love to do more after the tour but unfortunately my funds wont allow it – and neither will my work holidays, as i dont have enough leave. dammit!!
    oh thanks.

    what about yourself? you doing anything else after the tour?

  • 20 Jul 2010 Pamela85 said


    ive been very lucky and works letting me have a year off. so ive planned a huge trip startin at Canada, then GS tour, Chile and European tour. will be away for 6 months so hopefully i dont go broke while i am away haha.

  • 21 Jul 2010 aymeh! said


    hey everyone im hoping to do the 18th GS startig New York hoping to have 3 days in NY before the tour…add me to facebook

  • 8 Aug 2010 Laura said


    Hey, My friend and I have just booked our Grand Southern tour for feb 2011.. we are also doin the the New York explorer beforehand.. We are both 21 and from Tannum Sands in Queensland. Our first contiki tour.. So excited..

  • 15 Aug 2010 Laura said


    hey yer. I am from tannum Sands in CQ. My name is laura and my friend is rachel.. We are so xcited… we are going to florida for one week b4 hand than doing the new york explorer and than havin a few days in LA… so excited to go..

  • 23 Aug 2010 ash108 said


    Hey guys I got facebook back so feel free to add me… My email is

    my email is lame I know – it’s many years old lol.

  • 21 Sep 2010 Ryan said


    hey guy im ryan me and my cousin have just booked too doing a week in NY first…

  • 21 Sep 2010 Alyce said


    Hey Ryan,

    Nice! So excited! Is this your first time traveling overseas?

    Where abouts you from?

  • 21 Sep 2010 Ryan said


    Yep first time overseas im 23 from melbourne aus
    meeting up with my cousin in new york for the tour…

  • 23 Sep 2010 Ryan said


    yeah i do i joined the facebook group so ill be around… i booked my flights today so its def getting closer!!! Cant Wait!!!!

  • 1 Oct 2010 nadine said


    hii everyone! I’m nadine and im booked for the New York Explorer and Grand Southern departing on the 18th of February, i too am travelling alone but my 21st birthday is on the 20th of february so i need to make new friends to celebrate with lol

  • 2 Oct 2010 meechelle said


    hey everyone i havent booked yet but am seriously thinking about going on this tour as well…i want to spend several additional days in NY and LA to make the most of my time in the US..anyone doing the same and dont mind me joining them? im from sydney btw!

  • 2 Oct 2010 Ryan said


    cool more people on the trip the better… i was wondering has anyone looked at accommodation yet??? ive got 7 days in NY and 6 in LA

  • 3 Oct 2010 nadine said


    I’m from Wollongong, NSW. I’m spending 2 extra days in LA at the Kyoto Hotel is that where other people r staying for a few extra days after our Grand Southern Tour Ends? But yes it’s my 21st Birthday whilst on tour its my birthday present to myself lol so when we hit Vegas we have to party extra hard! lol

  • 3 Oct 2010 Pamela85 said


    im stayin at the New York Skyline before the tour and then LA Kyoto Hotel afterwards. had no idea where to stay so i thought id stay at the contiki hotels

  • 4 Oct 2010 meechelle said


    awesome to see that most of yous are staying extra days too…is anyone doing the NY explorer as well? coz it seems to fit it in nicely before this GS tour..i wanted to do the LA explorer too but the dates dont seem to work out
    and thanks Pamela85 for the invite ill let you know..hopefully ill know if i can make this trip or not by the end of the week

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