Egyptian Visa - PLEASE HELP!!!

1 Dec 2007 Kathryn said

Hi everyone<BR><BR>This is just a question for those of you who have been on the tour - how did you go about obtaining your visa? Did you get it upon arrival or before you left?<BR><BR>I'm worried because I've heard they do not issue visas at the border late at night (the place that issues them does apparently close). I wouldve thought they'd issue them at anytime through immigration, which is obviously always there. My flight arrives at 22.30 so i am bit worried.<BR><BR>Was the visa easy to obtain? Do you have to prove 'sufficient funds'? This is one of my last destinations, and after months of travelling, I'm not sure how 'sufficient' my funds will be (of course i will have more than enough, but i'd definitely have alot more if this was my first destination for example). <BR><BR>Any help would be really appreciated.



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