september 7th 2010!

30 Jan 2010 torz said

anyone thinking of doing this tour??
  • 31 Jan 2010 Explorer1163614 said


    Hello, i am thinking about doing the tour on this date at the moment. it looks like fun, i just need to see what the weather will be like.

  • 2 Feb 2010 torz said


    yeah im not to sure about the weather either!!
    where are you from?

  • 10 Feb 2010 Kristin said


    Im thinking of doing this one aswell =)

  • 9 Mar 2010 Shaz 87 said


    Hi All me and a mate From Melbourne are booked on this tour. I think the Weather will be a lot like the weather here 4 seasons in one day! Spoke to a few ppl who have been it this time of year and they told me weather down south ( Italy, Greece, Spain) is awesome and gets cooler the further north you go.

  • 30 Jun 2010 HyperTangerine said


    Im Booked in this one As Well

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