Ireland (9days) September 3, 2010

20 Jan 2010 Kristy said

My sister (26) and I (24) have already booked this tour, and we are staying an additional week in Ireland. <BR><BR>We are from Southern California. <BR><BR>Anybody else going on this tour?
  • 16 Apr 2010 Ireland Septeber 2010!! said


    Awesome! I’ll see you there. Should be an AMAZING Trip!

    My name is Melissa by the way, I’m from Peterborough, Ontario Canada (about 2 hours from Toronto).

    What are your names? Looking forward to drinking a few pints and enjoying the beautiful countryside??


    Mel :)

  • 2 May 2010 Kristy said


    My name is Kristy, and Jemie is my sister. I am really looking forward to that first pint. Are you taking this trip alone or with friends?

  • 3 May 2010 Ireland Septeber 2010!! said


    Hi Ladies,

    I’m taking this adventure solo. I just became a single mom earlier this year, and I’m calling this my “Independance Trip” Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Looking forward to meeting some new friends…oh yeah, and enjoying a few cold beers. I have to learn how to stomache a Guiness before September (It’s not my favorite, but it’s a staple in Ireland, and the brewery tour sounds awesome). How the weather in California??

    Please feel free to e-mail me at I’d love to get to know both of you before we take off for our adventure.


    Melissa Razzer<!--graemlin::p-->

  • 7 Jul 2010 Custody QT said

    Custody QT


    Looks like you’ll be joining our Great Britain/Ireland tour when we get to Ireland. I’ve created a FB page for everyone who’ll be along on this trip…

    Lina :c)….6927196325692&ref=ts

  • 5 Jun 2011 Evee said


    My boyfriend and I are coming to get all Irish! We’re from Perth, Australia. I’ve done a solo tour to Italy before, so now I’m trying it duo!



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