Security in Hotels/Villages/Youth Hostels

19 Feb 2008 Nicole said

Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I am looking at going on the European Contrasts tour which includes staying in hotels, contiki vilages, youth hostels and special stopovers. I have been reading loads of info on the forums about bag safety and some people have mentioned that when they go out at night they take a small cluth/bag with just credit card and money and leave their passport locked in their suitcase back at the hotel (or similar). <BR><BR>I was wondering how safe the accommodation is? If i were to leave valuables/passport in my luggae with luggage locks on it. any input??
  • 19 Feb 2008 Hipjaz, the canuck from the T-Dot said


    when i did my euro escapade tour last year, i had my purse with some money, my credit and debit card and my passport with me at all times. i left the rest in my suitcase locked. i did not have one thing stolen and if i didn’t hear about people getting things stolen i wouldn’t have known that it was being done. it’s all abotu being smart and safe with your stuff. you know know where it is at all time and watch it carefully and protect it well, you should be fine



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