Concerned KIWI Re: London to Athens tour

2 Dec 2008 rach2308 said

Hiya everyone, well im deciding on doing the London to Athens tour prob mid May 09 to end of June 09 on my own, and am a little concerned with the label "Budget" tour. Im not expecting flash places to stay, or restaurant meals ect... but have heard comments that the cabins are small, and the meals not as great as they are made out on the brochures that are offered in the food fund.<BR>Im really excited about all the places the London to Athens tour visits and am wondering if i should upgrate to the Hotel tour BUT was concerned only COUPLES do this tour and im going to be doing this SOLO.....?!!! Also i cant decide if i should jst go from Rome to Athens and do greek island hopping?? <BR><BR>sorry for all the questions?<BR><BR>Oh another, would i need a sleeping bag during those months, will the weather be warmer than NZ summer? Also we have cabins to sleep in aboard the ferry across to Athens - i think - ?<BR><BR>i believe that is all for now!!! please help im a big undecided as you no doubt can tell lol <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->



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